Spa Web Design: How to Choose Calming Colors

spa web design

No matter what business you own, your website presentation is everything.

When it comes to your massage and spa website, design is even more important. You’ll want to select a color combination and format for your website that suits the rhythm of relaxation your business promotes.

If you’re searching for the perfect color scheme, there are several things to keep in mind. Check out these helpful tips below and launch the design that will attract clients and reflect your spa philosophy.

Spa Web Design: How to Choose Calming Colors

1. Think about the atmosphere you want your website to create.

This is the first step in any website design process. Just like a lobby or entryway, your website can create an immediate impression on your visitors by color and layout alone.

For your spa website, you’ll likely want to generate an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, although this will depend upon your business and clientele. You may also want to convey a hip vibe, if you are catering to an urban demographic, or an inspiring, meditative vibe.

Write down some key words, including emotions and moods. Don’t go overboard here, but choose at least a handful of solid descriptors.

2. Adjust the vibrancy of a color to get an emotional response.

Many studies indicate that the intensity or vibrancy of a color can cause certain emotional responses in viewers. Red, for example, induces the intensest emotional responses in viewers. It energizes, raises blood pressure, and can call viewers to action.

Other colors have very different emotional impacts on viewers. Whites, grays, and beiges, for example, can create feelings of melancholy, humility, cleanliness, simplicity, and formality in viewers. Black gives off a sense of the edgy and sophisticated.

Warmer colors like purple and orange stimulate feelings of romance, energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Earthier colors like green and yellow veer towards feelings of growth, joy, peace, and stability, perfect for a massage website. Blue creates a sense of calm, thoughtfulness, and security, perfect for a spa.

If you aren’t sure about the colors you’d like, pay attention to how you feel when you look at them. Which colors make you feel the most calm or meditative?

Choose the colors that urge viewers toward the feelings you’d like your clients to experience. Then play with lighter or darker shades of these tones to hone your palette.

3. Choose a color scheme that effectively merges your chosen colors.

Once you choose colors that stimulate your ideal emotional response, think about ways to merge them that will create the atmosphere you desire.

There are several color scheme formats you can follow in this respect. A very simple approach is to use a trio: choose three colors that are similar in vibrancy and emotion and vary these throughout your design.

You can also work with complementary color schemes, or compromise by working with complementary and contrasting pairs. Be careful, however, with contrasting colors, or sharp angles in your color presentation. For a spa website, these may encourage a more jarring or aggressive mood for your website.

Designing the color scheme and format of your website isn’t as difficult as you may think. It’s possible to convey your salon’s vibe through the color combination, content, and layout of your website.

When choosing your website colors, identify the atmosphere you’d like your site to have, then choose colors that cause this specific emotional response in viewers. In this way, you can achieve a professional, calming spa website just by using color alone.