The 5 Best Web Practices for Your Ecommerce Bedding Site

web practices for your ecommerce bedding site

Building a wildly successful ecommerce bedding site has its own set of unique challenges that need to be addressed head-on.

Selling beds and bedding online has become somewhat of a saturated market. So what can be done to stand out from the crowd and generate higher sales numbers?

In any market, the key to landing a customer is not so much about the products offered, but about the buying experience.

Here are 5 best web practices to employ today that are absolute game changers.

1. Create an Emotional Connection.

Even in this age of high consumerism, buyers are still emotionally triggered into making purchases.

In fact, 90% all buying decisions are made subconsciously. If you can make an emotional connection between a customer and your bedding, it’ll be a win.

Make your homepage images reflect the luxurious way the customer will feel when they sprawl out on your bedding for the first time.

In addition, use high emotion words to connect the customer with the product. This will even help your SEO.

2. Creatively Capture Customer Email Addresses.

Email marketing is still a powerful way to generate business. But without a large, quality list the results will be lacking.

Experiment with different ways to capture a customer’s email. The worst thing to do is throw a popup at them the moment they land on your site. The vast majority of customers will either click off the popup immediately or get annoyed and leave the site.

Allow customers to do some substantial browsing before asking for this personal information. When you do ask, make sure you offer value in return for their information.

A discount on their first purchase is always a good place to start.

3. Know Where to Use Value Propositions.

Does your site offer free shipping on orders over $200? Do you offer a no-hassle money back guarantee on all orders?

Even if you mention these value propositions elsewhere on the site, these must also be stated in close proximity to all CTA’s. Put your value propositions right next to the “Add to Cart” button to further connect these to the customer’s buying cycle.

4. When and Why to Use Confirmations.

While going through the buying cycle, you want to make the next step as obvious as possible for the customer.

The best way to do this is by showing a “Product Added to Cart” message on the product page once they have made the purchase decision.

Then show a preview of the cart’s contents and a clear call to action that drives the buyer to the checkout page.

5. Implement Site Redesigns in Small Batches.

Instead of embarking on a full site redesign, choose specific elements of your site and change them one at a time. Then run reports to see how those individual changes are impacting conversions.

This is a great way to figure out what specific changes are impacting site sales and why.


Effective ecommerce strategy is an ever-evolving science. But selling beds online becomes much easier when you use these ecommerce best practices.

Start testing these strategies today and take your bedding business to the next level.