5 Web Design and Development Ideas For a Health Site

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Are you looking for a way to make your health site pop in 2017?

You know that more pop equals more leads, more sales, and greater customer loyalty.

Try these web design and development ideas that are leading the industry. Take your health website to the next level.


Web designers are looking for new ways to get attention and gain interest through clever design elements that require a “double-take”.

That’s the objective behind the horizontal vertical trend in web design and development. It may only add a millisecond. But in the competitive world of web design, developers know that the longer you can keep a visitor on that page the greater chance you have of converting that visitor into a loyal customer.

This design element involves combining vertical and horizontal text in a stylistic configuration.

Obviously, designers aren’t using this for their entire site. But throwing this artistic and functional element into your design can help you better engage your health website visitor whether you’re selling wild raspberry ketone pills or protein bars.

Hand-Written Illustrations

Despite the increased user-friendliness of graphic design software, designers are turning back to more spontaneous and imperfect hand-written illustrations for their sites.

They’re recognizing that perfection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. People appreciate the beauty and interest of something that’s slightly flawed.

It makes your health website and brand seem more:

  • Approachable
  • Natural
  • Eco-friendly
  • Healthy
  • Focused on what really matters — your product and customers

Those are some great messages to send your visitors about your brand whether you’re promoting a health food store or a new kind of yoga.

Overlapping Text & Design

For web design and development, symmetrical and orderly designs are out. They’ve been replaced with greater asymmetry and visual chaos like overlapping elements.

Rather than an image with centered text, text hangs off the edge of the picture or outside the box.

While this might make those accustomed to strict order a little dizzy, for most, this creates greater visual appeal.

When people like what they are seeing, they are more likely to check out what you have to offer.


With any trend, there will always be that counter-culture that finds their edge by rejecting what’s hot.

Such is the case with ultra-minimalism in which websites are shedding the disorder and irregularity for:

  • Hyper-sleek and simplistic design elements
  • Bold yet unassuming text
  • Lack of cluttering animations

Focus on Content In Web Design And Development

It’s not new. But the trend persists toward putting greater focus on content as a marketing tool to:

Designers and Content developers are getting better at it.

They’re finding new ways to incorporate engaging content of all forms into their designs whether it’s BMI calculators, background videos, listicles, quizzes or blogs.

Your Health Website Design

The most important element of any web design and development element is that it speaks on a deep level to your target customers.

Continue to explore web design elements to find the ones that best represent you and your brand. Get creative. Go against the grain.

When you find that perfect design, don’t hold back. The right design will wow your customers and help you build your brand.

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