3 Essential Law Firm Website Features to Increase Conversion

law firm website

It’s no secret that there is a very thin line between site visitors turning into paying clientele and leaving empty handed.

Walking on the wrong side of that line can easily turn someone away from buying services.

Visitors looking to hire a law firm are looking for specific details and features when they visit a website. Neglecting these features can quickly turn them away.

However, there are precautions to take that can decrease the chances of losing potential clients.

Upgrade any law site design by including these suggestions below.

Get a Responsive Web Design Theme

The majority of web searching has rapidly increased to mobile over the last few years. Most visitors to a firm’s site will, more than likely, be viewed from a phone, tablet or another mobile device.

It’s important to make sure the design of the site will not be compromised when a visitor is not looking from a computer.

Responsive site themes allow a website to adapt to any device that it is being viewed on.

Google recommends responsive web designs for site owners to assist with appealing to their SEO algorithms.

One of the first things that can turn a web browser off is an ugly site that is difficult to maneuver.

Ensuring that a site is responsive will keep the experience consistent for everyone.

Post Client Reviews and Testimonials

People usually don’t trust a product or service that someone else has not tried yet.

And they are more likely to try that product or service after someone has given it a personal good review.

Including reviews and testimonials of real people with real situations helps to build trust by confirming the legitimacy of the firm’s practices, vouching for success rates and presenting stories to a potential client that they can relate to.

People can be heavily influenced by social proof on the internet. Not including reviews/testimonials can be a make or break factor between a well-known and trusted felony defense attorney and barely noticed under-booked one.

Encourage Visitors with Calls to Action

Calls to action, also known as CTAs, are a direct way of swaying a site visitor to perform a certain act.

CTAs are great for leading people to particular pages on a site that will get them closer to using the service.

In a way, these are direct suggestions to keep curious eyes around longer.

They are usually images or buttons that are linked to the page that is most relevant. For instance, include a “book a consultation today” button under a paragraph about services.

This gentle demand provokes potential clientele to take one step further towards booking services.

One of the most useful forms of CTA is asking people to sign up for a mailing list and offering them something in exchange, such as a free eBook or a discounted rate on services.

This allows emails to be captured and filtered to a list that can later be used to keep firms connected to interested personnel and previous buyers with email marketing.

Adding a call to action in appropriate places throughout a website can easily increase visitor conversion rates.


Law firms and attorneys should not miss out on filling up their client books and helping people in need.

Remembering these key factors can be very beneficial for creating a thriving business and online presence!