This is the Local SEO Checklist Your Law Firm Needs

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Your law firm needs local SEO. Since 2014, the internet has been the number one search tool for people looking for an attorney. In that study, 38% of people reported using the internet first, even before the referrals of friends and family.

Since most people tend to use an attorney in their area, your local SEO rankings are even more important. Google provides users with results based on their location. Since a third of users only ever view the top search result, you want to be right at the top when someone in your city searches “law firm.”

Our local SEO checklist will help you get a handle on your local SEO and show you exactly where you need to improve. Let’s get started!

Get Audited

Before you set about improving your SEO, you should know where you’re starting from. Doing a law firm SEO audit for your website can show you what you’re already doing right and which areas of the checklist need the most attention.

You can also run a general (automatic) SEO audit and compare yourself to your competitors to see exactly where you stack up.

Location, Location, Location!

It may seem obvious that including your location is essential for our local SEO checklist. Your location is one of the most important ranking signals in local SEO, so make sure yours is perfect.

You must have “Home,” “Contact” and “About” pages. Your Contact page needs these for every office location you have:

  • Complete company name
  • Full address
  • Phone number (ensure these are clickable on mobile)
  • An embedded Google Map

You should also include this information in the footer of your website, which puts it on every page. Make sure that this information is correct and consistent on every page.

Getting Listed on Google

Google wants to provide the best results for their users, so they reward businesses that help them do this.

Enter every office location on Google My Business. This is useful in two ways. First, verifying your business and website with Google My Business strengthens your ranking.

Second, since most of your potential clients will be using Google, you’ll be making it that much easier for them to find the key information they need to get in touch.

Create City-Specific Content

Now, you need to build and implement your SEO strategy. Building an SEO strategy is a topic in itself, so if you need help getting started check here. You can also check out the specific SEO law firms need.

You should have individual pages for each of the services you offer, and ensure these are keyword optimized.

Consider adding a blog to your website. This can allow you to create even more local-related content, and keep your website updating. Having fresh content is another Google ranking factor.

In addition to a blog, consider periodically adding client testimonials. Not only does this help advertise your business, it can help you keep adding fresh content.

Wrap Up: Using a Local SEO Checklist

This checklist is a great way to get started building your local SEO, but you’re not finished yet!

We’ve talked about the basics you need to work on. If you are interested in upping your local SEO even further, there is so much more you can do.

Check out our SEO resources and update your SEO strategy today!