How to Create an SEO Campaign For Your Investment Advisor Business

seo campaign

There’s never been a better time to invest in digital marketing. Mastering social media strategies and implementing the best SEO campaign can bring great returns.

But with shifting industry trends it isn’t always easy to know how to get the most from your SEO campaign. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Master these techniques and the next SEO campaign for your investment advisor business will be a winner.

Lead With Mobile

The shift to mobile first seems to have caught some businesses off guard. But we all know that users trend toward mobile use these days.

Rather than designing your SEO content for desktop users first and then converting, now is the time to lead with mobile.

Content Is Still King

Knowing the best tools and approach is one thing. But companies need to remember that content is still the most important part of boosting SEO.

The good news is content gives you the chance to boost SEO, retain clients, attract new clients, and create shareable information. You will be working to become a recognized expert in investing while helping your SEO.

There is no shortage of items to write on. Focus on the needs of your clients and the latest trends and products, as well as your unique expertise.

Try a 401k safe harbor piece one week and an analysis of the common questions your clients have the next.

Get a Boost From Video

Just focusing on digital content can increase your inbound traffic and boost rankings. One company created an average of 4 pieces a week for a year and boosted inbound traffic by 3000%.

But just like the shift to mobile users, there is a shift to video content that is going on right now. Video keeps users on your site longer, gives them shareable content they prefer, and decreases bounce rate in many cases.

Plus, it boosts SEO with search engines other than Google. For instance, YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world– you’ll be capitalizing on this as well.

Use The Tools

A key to successful SEO campaigns is knowing the right tools to use and using them correctly.

You will want to make sure you are using tools like these:

  • Keyword Ranking Tool
  • URL Rewriting Tool
  • Reputation Audit Tool
  • Similar Page Checker

By using these tools you can track your success, design your SEO campaign around the current trends, and get the most from every move you make. For optimum ROI you need to let the tools guide your approach on a regular basis.

Get the Most From Your Next SEO Campaign

With the algorithms, tools, and techniques always changing it is important to use the latest information when launching your next SEO campaign. Without expert advice, designing an SEO campaign on yesterday’s trends can be like investing in a company with old research: you are unlikely to get a full return.

Site Report Card can help. We have SEO resources, tools, and training to help you succeed.  Contact Site Report Card today and get the most of your SEO campaign.