Hot Trends and How You Can Write About Them

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Writing content about popular topics and the latest trends is a great way to get more traffic to your site.

The problem? Hot topics don’t always relate to your business. How can you still write about these popular subjects while still staying relevant to your product or service?

Read on to find out how to know what’s trending, and how you can incorporate it into your content for a boost in traffic to your site.

3 Steps To Harness the Power of Trends for Your SEO

Take these 3 steps to get the latest trends seamlessly woven into your content for organic SEO and site traffic.

1. Find Out What’s Trending

The first step in getting hot trends incorporated into your site is to find out what people are searching.

Use Google Trends to see all the top searches. You can filter them by categories like Business, Sports, Entertainment, and Top Stories. You can also filter them by a specific country or worldwide.

Use these features to find out what your target demographic is searching. Click through trending topics to check out the sub regions searching them the most. This should help you whittle down the subject matter that your customers, based on region, are searching.

2. It’s All About the Keywords

Now that you know what’s relevant, identify the keywords that are used to search those topics.

On Google Trends, you can find these under the “trending queries” section of any trending article.

You don’t have to write an entire post about a trending topic in order to weave it into your content. All you have to do is mention the keyword in the content a few times. Aim for about 1% of the word content to contain that keyword or phrase.

For example, if you run a gambling website and want to promote new casinos online, but also want to harness the trending power of Drake’s tattoo of Lil Wayne, weave in an opening about the things the rich and famous do with their money.

Don’t overuse keywords- google will recognize keyword stuffing and knock you down in the SERP rankings for it.

3. Use Links

Links are great SEO juice.

Use backlinks to trending articles to stay relevant and boost your connection to trending topics.

Just strategize where you place them in the article. You want to draw readers into what you’re writing about, rather than send them away to another article off the bat.

Use links to back up facts and figures, promote your other content, or entice customers with a call to action.

Get creative with links relevant trending topics. For example, run a hair salon? Promote your content about braiding with a link to an article about Game of Thrones. Khaleesi hair tutorial anyone?


Staying relevant to trending topics is easier than you think.

All you have to do is know the influential ways to weave in keywords and links to your articles. Pop culture references and fact back-ups are the easiest way to get these search engine boosters onto any site.

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