5 Design Tips for Vaping Websites


What do the best vaping websites have in common? Is it their wide selection of products? Their great prices?

You can say it’s all those things plus great design and user experience. Here, we’ll talk in detail about the design tips you should follow if you’re planning to open or update your own vaping website.

5 Tips for Designing a Standout Vaping Site

1. Less is More

You want your website to load fast while having enough elements that make it attractive enough for a visitor to keep browsing it. The operative word here is enough because you don’t want to be heavy-handed with animations, images, content, and anything distracting that could bog down your site.

Don’t forget visitors to your site have a short attention span. You don’t even have a minute to convince them why your vaping site is the best among the rest. Make the right impression by aiming for visual balance in your site’s design.

2. Make it Navigable

A good looking website is one thing. A website with exceptional user experience is another thing entirely. When designing or updating your website, always keep in mind how users can navigate your site without any hassles.

If they can’t find what they’re looking for because your website’s interface is cluttered, you can bet they’ll be heading over to your competition. You should also note that most users will be using their smartphones to access your site. This means making sure your site is optimized for mobile.

3. Don’t Forget SEO

No one is going to look at your beautiful website if you don’t have an SEO strategy in place. Luckily, there are free SEO tools and resources you can use to make sure your website is at the top of search engine rankings.

One great tool to take advantage of is a Keyword Planner Tool. With this, you can optimize content on landing pages to convert more traffic. You can also target high volume keywords (e.g. naked juice wholesale) in your link building campaigns.

Why is this important?

You want people who are searching for terms that are related to your vaping site to go there instead of your competitors. That’s not going to happen if your website doesn’t offer relevant content.

4. CTAs are a Must

Call-to-action buttons guide users to what they should be doing while they are on your site. Do you want them to check your special offers? Or do you want them to sign up for your newsletter?

There are many CTAs you can implement on your vaping site. You can do an exit intent popup to keep visitors from leaving your site. There’s also a simple option such as a form fill next to your CTA so visitors don’t have to open another tab or window.

5. Test

Once you launch your new or upgraded website, it doesn’t mean your work is over. Over time, some designs get outdated and there are trends you need to incorporate to get ahead of the competition.

Consider your website as always a work in progress. Continuously update your site’s content. Don’t let it house outdated information.

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