How to Find the Best Domain for Marketing Agencies

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You’ve got the business plan, the paperwork, and the know-how. You’ve even got the contact information of a fantastic web developer that’s going to help you build a gorgeous site for a reasonable cost.

But there’s still one vital piece of the puzzle missing — your domain name. Choosing the best domain name is no easy task. It has to be the right combination of short and sweet while also getting your brand’s message across.

There’s a lot of responsibility in choosing the best domain for your brand, so you’ll want to make sure you do it right. Read on for some easy ways on how you can choose the best domain for your business.

Finding the Right Domain For Marketing Agencies

1. Think About Your Business

Like most marketing techniques, this is going to involve a lot of brainstorming. Use your business plan and ideal target audience is a jumping-off point for your domain.
Think about these questions as you start to think of the perfect domain:

  • What is your product or service specifically? There are tons of marketing agencies out there, but if you have a niche, you’re likely to do far better.
  • Who is your target audience and what type of lingo connects with them?
  • What types of extensions are you willing to pay for? .com is the most popular, but it’s also a bit more expensive than a .biz, for instance.

Take some time and brainstorm some ideas. Don’t worry about whether they’re “good” or not, just focus on getting your ideas on paper.

2. It’s All in The Name

By now you should have an extensive list of possible domain names for your marketing agency. Now comes the hard part — picking the right one.

It isn’t as simple as just picking the best domain and calling it a day. If that’s all it took, you’d see far more businesses online.

Your name is your entire brand, so it needs to be high quality and actionable.

As previously mentioned, make sure the name has something to do with your brand. So if you’re working with SEO for example, try and incorporate SEO into the title.

Take Innovata Group, for example. The name is short, simple, and features a portmanteau of innovation and group — two key terms in the marketing world.

You’ll also want to focus on using keywords in your name.

Keywords are words or phrases that your market will search when trying to find your business. Incorporating such a word in your domain name cuts out the middle man and may increase your SEO.

3. Registering Your Domain

You’re almost ready to start implementing your site’s blueprints! All you need to do now is find a great hosting website.

There are tons of reputable hosting sites online, from free solutions like WordPress to premium services like GoDaddy. Ultimately, you’re going to want to choose a hosting service that utilizes a few key features:

  • The best price (that one is a given)
  • Whether or not they include domain registration in their sign-up price
  • Cost of renewal

Most websites will give you a domain for free on sign up. But make sure you do your research before signing anything. You don’t want to be stuck with a bad service for a year.

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