How to Increase Organic Traffic by More Than 200%

how to increase organic traffic

You’ve likely spent hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to increase organic traffic.

The endless blog posts, email newsletters, and video courses are something you’ve written off as a learning expense. Yet, these strategies haven’t shown a decent return on investment.

You want a sustainable way to build a lead generation funnel without the high costs of advertising and paid campaigns.

Let this be the last blog post you need on how to increase organic traffic. Let’s dig into the real-world strategies used by the pros to double their traffic.

How to Increase Organic Traffic by 200%

The quest for a 200% increase in organic traffic needs a starting point.

This starting point is your site’s current metrics. A site report card can provide a detailed breakdown of your current traffic numbers. Record these numbers in a spreadsheet for use later when comparing strategies.

Also, it’s a good idea to work with marketing companies. Especially if you’re just starting out, you may need help implementing and understanding the strategies discussed here.

Now that we’ve set a baseline, let’s move on to the strategies on how to increase organic traffic.

Advanced Link Building

Search engines use links as an indicator in search rankings.

However, high authority links give your website greater value. Whether you have paid or earned links, you need to create a diverse link portfolio.

Viperchill’s article on advanced link building techniques covers a variety of strategies, including:

  • Creating industry reports
  • Developing a private sharing/link network
  • Reverse-engineering competition to find link opportunities

Combine these methods with quality content and social outreach, and your site will growth in organic search for its main and secondary keywords.

Guest Post

The strategy is simple: take the great content you’d publish on your site — but publish it on another. This is the concept of guest posting.

Guest posting has its benefits:

  • Show off your brand (and value)
  • Funnel traffic from a new audience
  • Build quality links

Make a list of relevant, authority sites in your industry. Then, ask if they accept guest posts, and deliver the content. Easy.

Social Media

If you can only use one social media platform, make it Facebook. There, a “like” gets 8.7x more clicks than a Tweet does.

Publish great content on Facebook, engage the community, and reach influencers. Focus your efforts on the “big wins” such as learning what types of posts work best for your target market.

Double-down on what you learn on Facebook by reusing the content and strategies across other platforms (like Twitter).

It’s in your best interest learn from case studies and to set goals for traffic generation.

Setting Realistic Goals

SEO (and traffic generation) is a long-term project.

It’s likely you won’t see significant growth for 4-6 months. Don’t let that deter you from investing your time and energy toward the strategies in this post.

Every action taken today has a return, so you should commit to consistency. Your continued efforts will eventually double organic traffic generation as they build upon one another.

Your turn: What are your strategies with how to build organic traffic?