How to Expand Your Reach With Strong Law Firm SEO

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Need to expand your reach and optimize your SEO potential?

When you’re working at a law firm, your SEO is key to gaining new clients. You need to ensure that you’re showing up in search results by using the right tactics.

Learn how the smartest law firm SEO will help you improve your conversions and rake in new customers online. With these strategies, boosting your law firm SEO is easy.

3 Key Tips for Building Law Firm SEO

1. Find Your Keywords

Keywords are, well, the key to SEO for your law firm.

You need to figure out what people are going to search when they want to find a firm like yours. This means nailing down “purchase intent keywords.”

It doesn’t help you much if searchers who are looking to learn about the legal industry end up on your firm’s site. Instead, you want those searchers who are ready to make a purchase now.

It’s also helpful to optimize for keywords that have to do with your practice area. Otherwise, the people who end up on your page might actually be looking for a different kind of lawyer.

2. Add Calls to Action

Calls to action, or CTAs, are another essential component of SEO. All SEO strategies are likely to use CTAs in some way, but for lawyers, the strategy is a bit more specific.

In many industries, the CTA will go at the bottom of the page. In the legal field, however, you’ll want to put your CTA at the top of the page so it’s among the first things readers see when they click.

Make sure the phone number and other contact information for the firm are prominent in the CTA, as well. The action you want the reader to take is getting in touch with the firm to take next steps, so make sure it’s easy for them to do so.

3. Use Legal Industry Schema

Schema is the term for the HTML code attached to content so that machines can recognize it. In the legal industry, there is a specific set of schema that’s unique to the field. This allows computers and handheld devices to recognize content that’s related to the legal field.

Make sure you apply schema to the right areas, too. This includes specifics like contact info (phone numbers, addresses, and emails), names and biographies of attorneys, and any reviews on the site.

Schema helps machines find and recognize your site, so it can be placed where it’s relevant in a Google search. For example, someone researching personal injury lawyers in Salt Lake City might see a review of local lawyer Craig Swapp in their search results. Anything from a link to your site to a video thumbnail might show up in someone’s Google search because you put the schema in the right place.

Get Your SEO Game On

The legal field is notoriously competitive, and now, the competition happens online, too.

Make sure you can stand out from your competitors in a Google search by using these simple SEO tactics. Although none of them are too difficult or time-consuming on their own, each of these techniques will make a big difference in how many clients you gain.

Want to step up your law firm SEO game even further? Check out the great SEO resources we have to offer.