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These Keyword Discovery Strategies Create Easy Wins

Keyword Discovery

I keep hearing it from people who work in online marketing: keywords don’t matter anymore. This saddens me. Not because I’m in love with keywords or because I miss the old spammy early aughts. It saddens me because they are missing out on so much marketing potential. Of course, keywords aren’t top priority anymore. And, that’s ok. Because the internet is actually getting better in many ways for many people. But keywords are not obsolete. Any experiment with keywords and data results pulled on the back end will tell you this is true. So, you’re convinced enough. You need to sprinkle your content with keywords. But, how are you going to know which keywords to use? Keyword discovery isn’t just for ranking. It does more things than you know. 1. Keyword Discovery Through Competitor Newsletters People in your industry are already using keywords. That’s true whether they know it or Read More