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Everything You Need to Know About Online Yoga Trends

The average 45 to 55-year-old gains 1 pound per year. Yoga has been proven to decrease the average amount of pounds you will naturally gain by almost 50%. It is amazing what 30 minutes of morning yoga can do for your body. Yoga is like fruit. It is great for your health and there are many types to choose from. 3 types of yoga that have risen in popularity are namaste yoga, distance energy yoga, and blindfolded yoga. Read on to hear more about these yoga styles. Namaste Yoga Namaste yoga is meant for all different body types. The creators believed that anyone and everyone can benefit from the effects of yoga, so they made it simple. Namaste yoga has been featured in a television series titled “Namaste Yoga.” It was created to give those who cannot go to a gym the opportunity to increase their physical health. This yoga Read More

5 Tips to Boost Your eCommerce SEO

When it comes to succeeding in eCommerce, traffic is everything. But getting that traffic can be a challenge. You could rely on ads like pay-per-click. But those results are temporary at best and ineffective at worse. Many web surfers scroll right past anything that isn’t organic. If you stop paying, anything you have will disappear. Luckily, SEO strategies offer a way to boost traffic naturally. If you’re ready to start improving your eCommerce SEO strategies, keep reading for five easy tips. 1. Use Your Keywords in the Correct Places One big mistake that many new store owners make when it comes to eCommerce SEO is misusing keywords. If you think that just choosing the right keywords and adding them to your site’s content is enough, think again. Where you use your keywords, and how often, are also very important. One great place to use your keywords is in your business’ Read More

Top 9 Ways Mobile Marketing Can Increase Website Traffic and Boost Sales

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The average small business devotes 35% of their marketing budget to digital marketing. No matter the size of your business, that’s a serious investment to make if you don’t know enough about the returns. It takes a lot more than spending money to increase website traffic. With 85% of consumers finding local or new businesses via internet searches and more people using mobile devices than desktops, your outreach matters. Making sure that your website is optimized, loads quickly, and looks great on mobile is essential to a modern sales funnel. If you’re looking to increase website traffic through mobile marketing, there are some tried and true ways to get the job done. Try these 10 methods to direct traffic to your site with mobile marketing. 1. Search Engines Love Mobile-First Sites If you’re in the midst of a redesign or building a new website, make sure that you go “mobile Read More

10 Design Tips for Personal Finance Websites

The message you send out online has a direct impact on your conversion rates. This is extremely important when thinking about website design. Personal finance websites need to maintain a subtle and conservative aesthetic. Money is a touchy subject for many people, so you don’t want to drive them away by being too upfront and bold. But it doesn’t stop with the way your website looks. Web design encompasses a wide range of elements, from usability to branding. You have to have all your bases covered when making a good first impression. Whether your finance company needs to create a web presence or revamp an existing site, keeping the tips below in mind will help garner successful results. 1. Keep Your Branding Consistent Branding is what sets you apart and makes you memorable as a company. It’s likely you already have a logo or are in the process of designing Read More

How Improving Your Site Audit Will Drive Website Traffic

Your site’s SEO may not be delivering the business value you need. Leading digital marketers conduct site audits that transform SEO into a business driver. Don’t miss your opportunity to leverage your site’s true potential. A search engine optimization (SEO) audit helps improve information on your website. This increases the opportunity for relevant organic visits. Your audit will help you determine content for other marketing initiatives as well. Your website is at the core of your digital marketing strategy. Most of your calls to action will direct users to take action on your site. That’s why website content should be aligned with marketing goals. Your content should leverage best SEO practices in turn. And all these digital marketing initiatives must align with your company’s value propositions. Ready to begin? First, you need to know how SEO should align with your business objectives. Preparing for Your Site Audit Small businesses evolve. Read More

5 Ways to Integrate Traditional Marketing with SEO

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Is traditional marketing dead? You know that it isn’t just by watching TV or seeing large billboards when you commute or go for a drive. A better question would be: is there a way to integrate traditional means of marketing with digital marketing or SEO? After all, successful marketing isn’t about championing a specific channel over the others. It’s the ability to optimize various forms of media to get the best results. Here, we’ll take a look at the top five ways you can mix traditional marketing with your SEO campaign. 1. Combine Email with Direct Marketing For Your SEO Campaign In a previous post, we talked about tips any website can use to boost traffic. We mentioned that when people visit your site, you should have a way to capture email addresses so you can build your email list. Now, the promotional content you send out to your subscribers Read More