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6 Essential SEO Hacks for Your Hip Hop Jewelry Website

Hip Hop Jewelry Website

You own a hip hop jewelry website, but it lacks traffic and sales. What can you do to change things around? Well, for one, you can focus on improving your organic traffic. In other words, your search engine optimization (SEO). Without a solid SEO strategy, you’re just another beggar in a sea of websites. So to bring visibility and authority to your site, you need to optimize for search engines and site visitors. Let’s review some of the SEO hacks you can use today to improve traffic to your hip hop jewelry website. 1. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Hopefully, you know the importance of appeasing the mobile user market. Google and other search engines look to rank sites with mobile-friendliness. And one way to do this is by using AMP. All you’re doing here is disabling and removing functions and plugins that slow down page load speeds for mobile Read More