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How to Remove Outdated Content from Your Site and Boost Traffic

remove outdated content

Most people don’t venture past the first page of Google and even when they land on a page they’re spendingĀ 15 seconds or less. The content must convey value within that short timeframe to keep them engaged. An immediate negative to this engagement is outdated information. People prefer recent information which is why Google responded by introducing the Hummingbird Update. Part of the update gave favor to timely pieces. This begs the question of what to do with the outdated content on your website. Remove Outdated Content: The Easy Way Ask yourself these questions: Is the topic one that changes often? Have I updated the piece recently? Are there better, popular alternatives? An “of all-time” post that’s littered with outdated screenshots, stats, strategies, and resources have little benefit. They do not hold up to this “best of” moniker. Nor does it matter if it’sĀ SEO-friendly content. Someone will come along, make something Read More