Effective Website Design for the Female Market

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Women’s economic power has grown rapidly over recent years.

Female consumers control 85 percent of all buying decisions and their annual spending totals $7 trillion in the US alone. It’s now more crucial than ever for businesses to ensure that their website appeals to the powerful female market.

Men and women do not differ significantly when it comes to preferences for website formats. But, there are certain design factors which attract women in particular.

Here are some important considerations for websites looking to attract more female visitors.

Clean and Clear Design

All users will appreciate a clear and easy to use website. But women respond particularly well to a clear format with appropriate element placement.

To resonate with female visitors your design should include a lot of white space, as shown on the Isula Nature maca for menopause website. Avoid divided blocks, and focus on intuitive navigation with clear call-to-action buttons.

Use Appropriate Colors and Fonts

As well as plenty of white space, you should use a reserved color palette.

Contrary to popular belief, your website does not need to be pink to appeal to women. Pink polka dots might work for the Barbie website. But, if we look at the homepages of female-specific websites such as Sephora or Always, there’s no pink in sight.

Instead, opt for around three complementary colors which don’t distract the eye.

Similarly, avoid all rounded edges, frills and script fonts. Keep it simple and minimalistic, with readable typography and clean lines.

Avoid Stereotypical Images and Content

Quality imagery and relevant content are crucial to appeal to both men and women. However, many websites designed to appeal to women have really missed the mark, such as Dell’s now infamous Della site.

Women don’t always want cute photos, and they have interests beyond counting calories, yoga and baking. You should also avoid portraying women solely as moms or homemakers.

Women want to see themselves in your website’s images and want relatable content. Make sure your site focuses on the varied roles and interests of the female market.

Consider Your Voice

Women, in particular, respond well to writing that seeks to include them and has a friendlier tone.

Add more personality to your blog posts, and write in the second person. This will help your content resonate with more of your female visitors.

However, there’s no need to over-simplify content to appeal to the female market as it will come off as condescending.

Include Testimonials

Women often share recommendations with friends and relatives about products and services they’ve used.

Similarly, they respond well to sites with highly visible and easily accessible testimonials and reviews. These testimonials should appear on the appropriate product pages or on a page of their own, and can also form the basis of a great blog post.

Test Your Site

It’s always a good idea to carry out split A/B testing on landing pages. Testing will help you find out which designs and formats attract more visitors. This is especially useful if you want to target one section of the market.

You could also hold focus groups with the types of women you’re trying to attract to your website to see how they react to a range of design options.

Website Design to Appeal to the Female Market

There are no hard and fast rules about how to make your website appeal to the female market.

Often, what works for male visitors will also work for female visitors as good website design appeals to everyone.

First make sure you build a strong foundation of a clear format, quality imagery and ease of navigation. Then, from there you can make the relevant adjustments to attract more female visitors.

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