5 Tips for Picking Your Finance Domain Name

finance domain

What’s in a name? More importantly, your finance domain?

Choosing a domain name is more than just combining a bunch of words together. It’s sometimes the first impression visitors get of your website.

Your finance domain should speak to what you do. It gives visitors a taste of what to expect.

If your URL has nothing to do with finance, what makes you think they’ll want to hang around? They came for financial help so typing an address without that kind of vocabulary will make it hard to bring in traffic.

Finding the right domain isn’t as complicated as you think. Ready to find out what it takes?

Here we go!

Spelling Matters

Complex names aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Sure, the name might not be taken but think of your clients.

Will they be able to pronounce it, let alone spell it? When they’re searching for your finance website, they may have a hard time doing so.

Keep the length to a minimum. The ideal number to hit is less than eight characters.

Use a Dot Com Extension For Your Finance Domain

While it’s the most common extension, it’s the most effective. Why?

People are used to typing in dot com domains. It’s what gives your site its credibility.

Tempting as it may be to break away from the crowd, it’s not advised. Someone typing in your web address that has a dot net extension will be wondering why it’s not dot com. This can cause confusion and often times cause someone to click off.

Include Keywords

SEO isn’t just included in the content of a website. It can also be included in your finance domain.

This is a great way to establish an online presence right off the bat. But, only include the keyword if it’s relevant.

Conduct research using a tool or by checking out your competition. Use a keyword that’s associated with what you do and see which competitors make the first page and go from there.

Secure Your Name Quickly

Securing a domain doesn’t happen the moment you think of one. You have to take into consideration if it’s available.

Domain names are popping up everywhere and sadly, people like to buy domains regularly. It isn’t to use them but rather wait for someone to buy it from them.

They can raise the price up to as high as they want. Instead of going through a long and painful process, try to think of names that are unique.

When you do, check across all platforms (including social media) to make sure it’s available. If it’s not, use an ethereum calculator to see if you can buy it with that currency.

Buy Extensions

Don’t want anyone else to use your domain name? You’ll want to purchase all extensions involving it.

This includes dot org, dot net, and dot business. Make sure you make room in your budget as this can become costly.

Wrapping Up

Picking out a domain doesn’t have to be time-consuming. When you follow these tips, you’ll be set on the right path to securing your perfect name.

In the meantime, check out our Keyword Ranking tool. This’ll assist you in coming up with a domain name that’ll give you a boost in online presence.