5 Essential SEO Solutions to Help Your Waterproofing Website Rank

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Why are you online?

The point of any business website is to bring in readers, keep them there, and turn their visit into a sale.

There may be other elements to it, but that’s the core of what we’re here to do: create something good enough that visitors buy into it.

SEO is a technique for creating websites with better search engine rankings. The benefits are simple. The quicker Google or any other engine is to bring your site up when someone searches “Waterproofing”, the more likely they’ll be to visit you.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at how you can use SEO solutions to improve your website’s ranking and start doing better business, online.

Authority: Develop And Maintain

Try to think of Google as a new friend you’re trying to make.

The longer you stick around, the more they’ll get to know you. And the more time you’ll have to make a good impression.

Major search engines value websites that have been around for a while. Not just sitting there on top of their URL, doing nothing; but generating content, interacting with clients, and being valuable.

The idea is simple: they want to know that the websites they’re promoting to the front of the search results for any given keyword are the best out there. Don’t put off developing your waterproofing content — do it, today,

Keep in mind, Google’s idea of your age has nothing to do with when you actually upload your website. It’s based on when it indexes you, so the earlier you do it, the better chance you have of properly developing it sooner.

Which brings us neatly to our next point.

Start Generating Great Content, ASAP

Building trust among your users is trickier than you might think.

There was a time when being on the Internet was a process where you could use a lot of “tricks of the trade” to win people over. Tricky redirects, and keyword-heavy articles could all be used to pull users in, and, because the search engines were so new, win those over as well.

It’s not like that, anymore.

Users are more sophisticated, now, and search engines have been around for a lot longer.

Generate waterproofing content that benefits them, first. Their appreciation for your authority will trickle down to sales and conversions.

Write (or hire someone to write) insightful content, based on your industry. Blog posts and web content that gives back to the people reading it, in one way or another.

And then continue doing this. Be consistent, and be consistent. Of all the SEO solutions out there, connecting with your audience is the most important.

Content Marketing

Once you’ve developed solid “anchor” content, as mentioned above, you’ll want to venture out into the Internet and market it.

After all, what good is being an authority in your industry, if nobody hears about you?

Visit authority sites where conversations are taking place around your product. Think laterally – could your service or product apply to something slightly out of its normal purview?

Once you’ve found the right site, find authentic ways to bring your waterproofing content into the conversation. Link off to your site, but only once you’ve engaged with the conversation and been of value.

You might not be convinced. It’s “just the Internet”, so why can’t you just swoop in and leave a link to your site, no questions asked? Why all the interacting?

Because it’s not “just the Internet”, anymore. These are real conversations you’re coming into, which means that the people talking are acting like real people. It’s normalized, now, because it’s everywhere. And the “normal” thing to do if someone interrupts your conversation to market themselves is to become annoyed and ignore that person.

Be valuable, first, and be classy about how hard you market yourself. Very often, less is more.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

The world of desktop computing is slowly dying off.

As early as 2016, reports were coming out that mobile devices had overtaken lap and desktop computers for mobile browsing.

We live in a new age of the Internet, and everything is mobile.

When designing your website, make sure you develop it for mobile as well as straightforward desktop design. It may be tempting to think “They’ll just have to use the desktop version on their devices.”

This is a bad idea, for a few different reasons.

First off, desktop versions of websites often include a lot of functionality that doesn’t need to be there for a mobile user. With stripped down mobile alternatives, the focus is on presenting a streamlined experience the user can figure out.

And the less time they spend learning the ropes, the less time they have to decide they actually don’t want to use your services.

The other major reason for mobile design is that it’s lighter on data usage than trying to load the entire desktop version. While home Internet loads most websites without making too much of a dent in your data, mobile data plans are often more limited.

Your users will appreciate the data benefits of a streamlined mobile experience. Search engines will assign value to your site as well, based on this.

Findlay & Evans Waterproofing contractors are a solid example of how to support users on mobile and desktop platforms.

Give Social More Credit

The last of our SEO solutions, today, brings us back to writing and generating content. It’s known as social media, and it’s a battering ram for getting your name out there.

If you aren’t already, you owe it to yourself and your business to create social profiles and start interacting with your followers. Facebook and LinkedIn are essential. Twitter is great for increased interaction. Look into Instagram, and even Pinterest and YouTube, if you have a media face to your brand.

The immediate effect of this is to give your business a public face that people can associate with you. You’ll respond to complaints or queries in front of all your followers and show your value when things go wrong. At the same time, you’ll accept compliments, and have a public platform to conduct promotions and other marketing.

With increased brand recognition comes better search rankings, as users click through to your main site.

Discover SEO Solutions For Your Waterproofing Site, Today

Good marketing is good marketing, no matter where it’s done.

Still, with so much business being done online, every day, having a more potent website means more today than it ever has.

From waterproofing companies to huge multinationals, your website is the digital face of your business. With SEO solutions, you’re taking steps to show that face to as many people as possible.

Interested in finding out how well optimised your website for search engine ranking? Contact us today, for free website analysis, optimization and promotion tools, and give your site the visibility it needs.