How to Find Keywords for Carpet Cleaning SEO

carpet cleaning

Getting relevant traffic to your carpet cleaning website can be a dirty job.

Long gone are the days of flipping open the yellow pages of the phone book for a local business directory.

If you aren’t ranking in the top few Google results, it’ll be difficult to get customers to visit your website.

Luckily, having a few SEO tricks up your sleeve can be just the thing to boost your site views.

Keywords can be new best friends if you use them right.

Read on to learn some tips for finding keywords and maximizing your SEO efforts.

Know the Difference Between Carpet Cleaning Keywords

The first step to tapping into the world of SEO is knowing the nuances between different types of keywords.

Long tail keywords are ultra-specific, niched down versions of your regular keywords.

For example, say you wanted to rank in a search for cleaning products in Johannesburg. Instead of optimizing your content for the keyword “cleaning products,” you would include the entire phrase cleaning chemicals Johannesburg.

This will increase the likelihood of a local customer finding your page instead of someone looking for carpet cleaning in New York City.

Keyword Categories

All keywords fall into one of two categories.

Research intent keywords are found in searches performed by people who aren’t quite ready to buy yet.

An example would be “cleaning tips” vs. “carpet cleaning services”.

These keywords are less of a priority, but can still be useful when doing research about the needs of your target audience.

Buying intent keywords are the bread and butter of your keyword planning.

These are the phrases searched by people who are further down the conversion funnel. This is where local SEO can often come into play.

Use these keywords to secure a high ranking in searches that are likely to result in a sale.

How to Find the Right Keywords

There are a few different ways to nail down the most effective keywords for your cleaning business without spending a dime.

Keyword Tools

When you need an easy way to figure out what’s trending for your niche, a keyword planner is a convenient solution. Enter a keyword to see what popular searches it brings up.

Using a keyword planner lets you tap into your competition’s searches as well as your customers.

Entering a rival website in some keyword tools will bring up the long tail keywords associated with their searches.

Why not let your competition do the work for you?

Google Search

Google can be a useful SEO tool if you know how to use it.

When you’re using your keyword tool, keep in mind that everyone else using it for the same phrase will come up with identical results.

Google can help us get around the issue.

Type your keyword into the search bar. Scroll all the way to the bottom. See the “Searches related to” section? Those are your new keywords!

Try incorporating related phrases into your SEO to increase your chances of ranking for less populated search results.


Knowing the basics about keywords and how to find them can easily boost your SEO results so you can reap the rewards.

Check out our selection of SEO tools to see how we can help.