7 Benefits of Professional SEO Services For Travel Websites

professional seo services

Did you know that 33% of search traffic goes to whoever holds that #1 spot? After that, you hit the slippery slope toward no organic traffic at all.

This is just one reason you need professional SEO services for your travel website.

But we’ve got 7 more for you. Let’s check them out.

1) Save Time

Some travel websites attempt to do all of their SEO in-house. This can work, but there are many reasons that it’s prone to fail:

  • They often lack automation tools
  • They lack analytics tools
  • They waste a lot of time on trial & error
  • They don’t have a viable plan to get to #1
  • They miss out on sales because of a snail pace approach
  • They don’t quite understand how to get the most out of SEO

Professional SEO services can help you get results faster with less time and effort. They already have it down to a science.

They’ve already helped similar websites achieve their goals. They can put this experience to work for you.

2) Save Money

Because there’s less waste when working with a professional, you save money because the services pay for themselves within a short while.

You also save money a very different way.

Save Money on Customer Care

SEO relies very heavily on content creation. This content:

  • Answers travelers questions
  • Helps resolve common problems
  • Provides a seamless customer experience

This content can help you significantly reduce customer care costs while at the same time driving more traffic and higher booking rates.

Save Money in Sales

This additionally reduces your costs in the sales department.

According to Forrester research, as much as 67% of B2B buyer’s journey now happens online. This doesn’t diminish the need for sales. But it dramatically changes the roles of sales agents.

They’re no longer the ones who need to provide all of the education and then try to hard sell a vacation package.

Instead, you can focus on educating potential travelers online with content they love. You can develop a win-win scenario where customers are drawn to your content and the places your site offers to take them.

They can further engage by sharing your site with their friends.

SEO helps you make this kind of connection — and build trust — long before someone calls your sales team.

3) Meet Travelers Where They Are

Over 57% of travel bookings now happen online. To get these bookings or engage these customers in other ways, you need to be where they are. Your customers are online.

51% of traffic websites like yours receive is now organic. 64% of searches happen on Google. Professional SEO services know how to maximize your exposure in searches to reach customers where they are.

4) Optimize for Mobile & Everywhere Else

77% of Americans now own a smartphone. 82% of Australians do.

Globally, smartphones are overtaking the market and changing how we do business.

For the vast majority of people, it’s with them at all times. They do everything on it, including check out travel sites.

According to Forbes, 47% of people now shop on their phones.

According to one study, 74% of hotel bookings take place the same day on mobile. This may not be the way your site works or wants to work, but it’s something to make note of.

A very important part of SEO is optimizing for mobile. It’s more than just adjusting the way the screen appears.

Optimizing for mobile-friendliness involves:

  • Reducing unnecessary file loads
  • Optimizing images
  • Having text load before images
  • Making sure buttons are large enough for fingers
  • Making sure text is legible
  • Ensuring that it loads fast

Professional SEO services optimize everything. You’re not optimized if you’re not optimized for mobile. And you’re missing out.

5) Influence Customer Behavior

Being high in organic searches means that you can influence customer behavior.

Have a great vacation in Vietnam to promote? Start publishing SEO content:

  • Getting people excited
  • Sharing information
  • Talking about the sites
  • Sharing pictures of cultural events, temples, markets and exotic animals

When you rank high in search engines, you have a voice in your industry. Customers who might not even be thinking about going to Vietnam right now might suddenly realize this is the vacation of their dreams.

And because you’re the one who turned them on to this hot vacation spot, your travel site is the one they’ll use to book their vacation.

You’ve already won them over without a hard sell. You just shared what an awesome place this is to visit. And they’re ready to go now.

This works whether you’re The Bucks Co. offering unique travel experiences or hotels.com just offering people a place to stay for the night.

6) Achieve Business Goals

Professional SEO services make it easier to meet all of your marketing and business goals.

It does this by:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Helping in decision-making
  • Furthering the customer journey
  • Getting existing customers excited about their next vacation
  • Making it easy to interact with you and book now

SEO is a long-term strategy that helps you maximize the impact of all of your efforts, which leads us to our next point.

7) Maximize Your ROI

SEO optimizes more than just your website. It optimizes your workflows, the customer journey, everything you do. It helps you run more efficiently as a travel website.

When you understand the true power of SEO and align your policies and procedures, you can slash costs throughout your organization. At the same time, you’re increasing revenues.

SEO doesn’t sleep. It’s always there working for you. This is the way to achieve the ROI you’re looking for.

Professional SEO Services Work

If you’re looking for how to maximize all of your efforts and streamline everything, then you need professional SEO services. Meet customers where they are. Influence their travel destination decisions.

Get found in searches through SEO.

For more tips and tricks to help you gain that top spot and meet your website goals, check out our blog.