How to Get an Instant Website Traffic Boost for Your Medical Practice

instant website traffic

Gaining instant website traffic for your medical practice seems like a magic trick. It may feel as if it’s too complicated or costly, keeping you from growing your online presence.

Luckily, that’s not true. There are actually quite a few things a medical practice can do to instantly see an increase in traffic numbers.

Ready to give it a try? Check out these handy tips:

List on Search Engine Sites

It’s hard for patients to find a medical practice if it’s not listed on search engines. While the hard copy of the Yellow Pages was once enough, this isn’t 1958.

Getting listed on all search engines is important, but being listed on Google is the most important. It can boost a website’s rankings in less time.

Doing this is a simple task. Don’t wait, this is too important.

Start and Maintain a Blog

A blog helps with instant website traffic by creating a new way for patients and search engine sites to find a medical practice.

Write about topics that patients often ask about. The blog should inform and educate your target audience.

Maybe your practice provides varicose vein treatment. A blog about what varicose veins are is a great article to start with.

It doesn’t have to be a long article. It should be written in a way that’s easy for patients and other visitors to understand and relate to. It should also utilize the best keywords possible.

Also, update your blog with fresh content regularly. Commit to writing at least two posts per month.

Start Posting on Social Media

Two billion people visit Facebook every single month. While many want to catch up with friends and family, others are looking for services and products.

Creating a Facebook profile is easy. So it’s creating a business profile. Once that’s done, just start sharing the blog posts.

It’s also easy to advertise on Facebook, even locally. But other social media sites can be just as beneficial for creating instant website traffic.

LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter can all help boost traffic and build credibility. Social networks will also bring you new clients.

Don’t forget to add photos, testimonials, and even create videos to share.

Add Internal and External Links

Internal links help add credibility to a website. They also help send people to pages that don’t often get as much traffic.

External links are even more useful. By linking to a site that is held in high regard, it builds trust. It also helps with SEO.

Don’t overuse links, though. Google penalizes for that. Be careful that the sites linked to are still in good working order.

And make sure these are trusted sites. Your patients don’t like links to sites infected with malware or worse, trying to sell them something they don’t want.

Do a Site Audit to Boost Instant Website Traffic

A site audit is an extremely useful tool. It helps figure out what’s working on a site and what to remove.

For instance, Google penalizes bad links, a slow-loading website, and duplicate content. Once you fix these issues, you will gain more traffic.

Continue to Learn about the Best SEO Practices

A great website is constantly being worked on. It’s not enough to fix it once and then forget about it.

That’s why it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in SEO. We can help. Visit our site for tips and tools anyone can use!