5 Ways to Crush Your Amazon SEO

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If you’re an online retailer, you know search traffic is important. But did you know that 55% of online shoppers visit Amazon first to start shopping for a product?

Amazon is the go-to destination for product discovery, so if you want a place to find customers and showcase your product, Amazon is the place!

Want to learn how to sell big on Amazon? By following these 5 Amazon SEO tips and tricks you’ll be able to rank high on SEO and crush it on Amazon.

5 Ways to Crush Your Amazon SEO

Ready to up your Amazon game? Follow these 5 easy tips to improve your Amazon SEO!

1. Use Relevant Terms

If you want to increase your brand visibility, sales, and general ranking in your Amazon search results, you need to use relevant key terms. You need to do this because customers search with keywords, which are then matched against your product title and description.

By including relevant information about your products you can increase visibility and sales.

If you want to optimize your Amazon SEO, make sure your product title has the following things:

To optimize your Amazon SEO with relevant terms, make sure your product title contains the following:

  • Brand Name
  • Product Line
  • Size Options
  • Color Options

2. Take Advantage of Customer Reviews

Customers on Amazon use reviews to make informed buying decisions, so Amazon factors customers reviews heavily into product ranking in their search results.

If you want to improve your Amazon SEO, you should do all you can to get reviews. Try using an email strategy that customers to leave feedback and reviews whenever possible.

3. Include Key Product Features & Product Description

Customers can search for products by product features and product description, so they greatly influence your Amazon SEO. Product features and product descriptions are also a great way to sell the benefits of your product, which can help improve conversion rate.

Here are some SEO best practices for your key product features:

  • Highlight your five most important features
  • Restate the most valuable info from your product title
  • Begin each bullet with a capital letter
  • Don’t use ending punctuation

By doing these simple things, you can optimize your product features.

4. Use Product Images

Images can benefit your Amazon SEO in two ways: through alt text in your images and also through linkbait. They’re also hugely influential on conversion and click-through rates.

Here are some tips for effective product images:

  • Use a photo not an illustration
  • Make sure your product covers at least 80% of the image area
  • Make sure the image matches the product description in size and color
  • Make sure the product is focused and well-lit

5. Price Your Products Correctly

Price is a major factor in your SEO ranking on Amazon. If you sell your products on Amazon for the same price or better than other sites, customers will most likely buy it from you. In terms of international ecommerce fulfillment, Amazon can’t be beaten.

The more sales you get on Amazon, the more sessions, and the more conversions, the better SEO ranking your products will have.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is king when it comes to ecommerce, so you need to sell your products there!

By listing your products on Amazon and adopting these SEO strategies, you can make sure your products rank high and sell at a great rate.

Do you list your products on Amazon? Are there any SEO tips and tricks were missing? Let us know in the comments!