5 Website Traffic Exchange Ideas to Boost Your Cannabis Business

traffic exchange

If you’re like most website owners, you hold your breath every time you check Google Analytics. And more than once, you’ve logged in to find a depressing number of views.

Web traffic is like an endless cycle. More traffic gives you better search engine optimization (SEO). That better SEO helps you get more traffic. The flip side is that having less traffic makes you continue to have less traffic.

If you want to boost your cannabis site’s performance, a traffic exchange can be a great strategy. Here’s the scoop on traffic exchanges and how you can make them work for you.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is exactly what it sounds like – webmasters and site owners surf each other’s sites. If you join an exchange for your site, you’ll spend time browsing other sites in the exchange. Your surfing will earn you credits so other companies in the exchange will go to your site.

In a way, traffic exchanges are brute force SEO tools.

There’s a catch, though: for an exchange to help, you need to use it the right way. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your web traffic exchange.

Traffic Exchange Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Tip #1: Choose a Manual Exchange

There are two types of traffic exchanges: manual exchanges and autosurfs. An autosurf is a bot that views the sites in the exchange. A manual exchange requires the human users to view the sites instead.

Autosurf traffic has little benefit. Google’s algorithms detect bots, so autosurf traffic may not help your search rankings. Autosurf traffic also has no ability to convert.

With a manual exchange, the people coming to your site may actually enjoy your content. The purpose may be to improve your site’s numbers, but it can result in real sales.

Tip #2: Filter Bots from Your Analytics

Even if you choose a manual exchange, some bots may fall through the cracks. To know your true stats, filter bots from Google Analytics. Removing bot traffic will keep you more accurate stats you can use to optimize.

Tip #3: Have Attention-Grabbing Splash Pages

The splash page is the page of your site that traffic exchange users need to click on. This is the first impression the exchange users will have of you.

Your goal is to capture the user so they go beyond the viewing time limit. They stay on the site because they want to.

Try a clever saying, professional pictures of your cannabis seeds, or another eye-catcher.

Tip #4: Put a Sign-Up Form on Your Splash Page

For exchange users who enjoy your content or your product, make it easy to stay in contact. Include an email sign-up form so users don’t need to waste time clicking around.

Make sure to keep it brief, though. An email field is all you need.

Tip #5: Cater Your Splash Page to Exchange Users

You know all traffic that comes from your exchange will be webmasters and site owners. This allows you to cater the splash page’s content to them. Introduce them to your cannabis in a way that appeals to them specifically.

Traffic Exchanges are One Part of the Solution

For your cannabis site to perform well, you need to combine several strategies.

SEO is a complex process.

To find out how to make the most of your site, contact Site Report Card to learn about our services.