5 Reasons Your Business Needs Influencer Marketing

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These days, it seems like everyone is skeptical of traditional advertising. With tools like AdBlock at their disposal, it can sometimes be difficult to reach an audience.

And make no mistake, this isn’t a trend that’s going away. Businesses that refuse to adapt are in for a rude awakening.

However, as with every marketing venture, one closed door means another one opens.

Welcome to the world of influencer marketing! Traditional marketing may be as good as dead, but crafty individuals are finding interesting and unique ways to organically advertise certain businesses.

Keep reading to learn five reasons why every business should utilize influencer marketing.

1. Influencers Know Their Audience

One of the biggest things most businesses struggle with is understanding their audience. Even the most in-depth analytics can’t make up for a lack of understanding of one’s market.

Influencers are no doubt the solution to this problem. Most influencers tend to work within a niche, targeted audience.

From cooking to video games to parenting, there are tons of influencers for any interest.

And since they tend to work in a niche market, they write for a highly specific audience. They already know who they’re trying to attract. No need to worry about whether or not content will land, they’re already speaking to the right crowd.

2. Influencer Marketing Feels More Natural

This second reason actually goes hand-in-hand with reason one. Since influencers are highly aware of their audience, they’re able to make advertising feel more natural.

As we’ll discuss later on, people are highly skeptical of advertisements. Therefore, it’s important to focus efforts on a more organic approach.

Advertisements can’t talk AT the audience anymore — they need to talk TO them./ Ads need to seem more natural if they’re going to be effective.

3. Influencers Work Across A Variety Of Channels

So influencers know their audience and create engaging, organic ads. Can’t get any better, right? Well, not so fast.

Users are splintered throughout the internet, through various social media channels and streaming sites. Fortunately, influencer marketing is every bit as varied.

Companies like Shout Our Biz offer influencers on a variety of channels. So whether a brand could benefit from a YouTube shoutout, a tag on Twitter, or even a blog post, every business is covered.

4. Business Can Expect A Great ROI

Perhaps best of all, influencers yield amazing results. A strong campaign can net 11 times more results than traditional banner ads!

This brand new type of marketing offers results that traditional marketing just can’t offer anymore. A business would be foolish not to invest.

5. People Trust Others

But why exactly do influencers yield such amazing results? All of the science and data boils down to one word: trust.

According to a report put out by the Nielsen group, 92% of respondents reported trusting others over ads. That means that a business stands a far better chance of reaching its audience with the help of an influencer than if they took out a traditional ad.

Bringing It All Together

Make no mistake, influencer marketing isn’t a fad. This new form of marketing offers opportunities that brands could only dream of. Next time someone scoffs at the idea of influencers, kindly remind them how powerful they can be.

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