The 5 Best Real Estate Website Tools (Including the Best WordPress IDX Plugin)

best wordpress idx plugin

The real estate market is fast-paced and competitive.

In 2016, a whopping 5.5 million real estate transactions were made. This included single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and co-ops.

Considering that this figure does not include new construction, the sheer magnitude of the industry is enormous.

Thanks to this demand, real estate websites get hundreds of millions of views each month. With so many options out there, how can a page stand out and establish recurring visitors?

One way is WordPress plugins that can enhance a website’s capabilities.

Read on to learn about 5 great real estate website tools, including the best WordPress IDX plugin.

1) IMPress Listings is the Best WordPress IDX Plugin

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. Simply put, IDX enables the extraction of data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database into a host site.

A real estate website needs an IDX plugin in order to be successful. This is the primary means in which buyers will receive accurate and recent listing information.

Among many great options, IMPress Listings is the best WordPress IDX plugin. The listing management system is displayed clearly and concisely to the benefit of browsers.

It also allows toggling by popular filters such as features, location, and transaction status. Perhaps the best feature is synching with Google Maps so browsers can scout the local area.

2) WP Amortization Calculator is a Must Have

Finding the perfect house is only the first step in the process. Browsers need to know how much the house will cost on a monthly basis.

WP Amortization Calculator does just that. Visitors need to input the mortgage amount, interest rate, down payment, and term.

The plugin does the rest, calculating how much the monthly payment will be. Also, informs the user how much of each payment is applied to principal.

What separates this plugin from other free calculators is personal data collection. In order to get the free PDF report, visitors enter their e-mail address.

This comes in handy for digital marketing efforts down the road. For instance, it creates a viable communication network for a We Buy Houses campaign.

3) WPL Real Estate for Social Media Sharing

The WPL Real Estate plugin is a listing management tool just like IMPress Listings. The primary difference is that it integrates into social media accounts.

This allows visitors and real estate agents alike to share listings directly on Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing is a great way to bring more viewers to a real estate website.

4) The Events Calendar

More real estate agencies should have an event calendar. This plugin allows users to check out the open house schedule.

It also raises awareness for marketing events designed to raise the agency’s local profile.

5) International Users Should Use Easy Property Listings

Another listing management system, but designed to cater to international listings. Easy Property Listings accommodates currencies and locations throughout the world.

It also has the calendar function built-in, so visitors can plan important milestones like inspections and walk-through.

Wrapping It Up

A real estate website hosted on WordPress cannot succeed without using the right plugins. Integrating a listing management system is of the utmost importance when showing homes.

Other plugins like mortgage calculators and calendars provide additional value.

For more information about the best WordPress IDX plugins, please contact us for assistance.