Top 5 SEO Solutions to Bring Your Bodybuilding Website More Traffic

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Bodybuilding is an intense sport like no other. It deserves a website that matches its intensity.

But sometimes generating great traffic isn’t easy.

Use these SEO solutions to get more eyes on a site in no time!

1. Look At The Competition’s SEO Solutions

Internet crowding is a bit of a blessing and a curse all at once. On one hand, it means that yes, websites are facing stiffer competition.

But on the other, it means that other companies are free to keep an eye on the competition.

As with bodybuilding itself, competition is going to serve as the biggest source of inspiration.

What SEO tactics are noticeable at the competition’s site, and what can be incorporated into the new bodybuilding site? Find a site or two that seem to bring in big numbers and follow their structures.

Something about their site is clearly working, so taking a few ideas here and there is always a smart call.

2. Understand The Connection Between Website Usability And SEO

Now, this doesn’t mean that a person looking to start a site needs a degree in graphic design or web development. It does, however, mean that they should at least take an interest in current industry trends.

Learning the ins-and-outs of usability and its correlation to SEO can be a huge help.

Take usability for example.

Usability is one of the most important SEO solutions a site can control. If a site isn’t user-friendly, not only will visitors bounce off of the site quickly, but Google will lower the site’s ranking.

Learn how to make a website fast and user-friendly. It’ll do wonders for a site’s SEO.

3. Leverage Social Profiles

Out of all the solutions on this list, this is perhaps the easiest to implement. Most businesses already have a strong social presence, they’re just not using it well.

To truly get ahead, it’s important that a business uses social media to its fullest extent. Crosspost content from the website, share things the audience may like, and above all else, interact.

It’s no longer acceptable for a brand to separate itself from its customer base. Social media is a great equalizer, allowing users and brands to connect and interact.

If users feel like a brand is talking down to them instead of to them, they’re not as likely to be loyal. Make sure users understand that their voices and opinions are heard.

Even something as simple as liking a comment or giving a quick reply can make a huge impact.

4. Research Keywords

SEO solutions aren’t always as cut and dry as talking to fans on social media. Sometimes they require intricate planning, like in the case of keyword research.

Not all search terms rank as highly as others. Accordingly, it’s important to make sure that a bodybuilding site is getting the most out of their content by only using relevant keywords.

The good news is that there are tons of free tools that can make keyword planning easier.

5. Create Content For The Audience

Finally, no SEO strategy is complete without a healthy dose of high-quality content. Be sure to create engaging, original posts that the audience can connect with.

It can be as simple as a blog post or a vlog, or something more intricate like a product review. If writing the latter, make sure to include links to the products.

It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, a simple ‘click to learn more‘ will often do the trick. This is especially helpful for those who plan to leverage affiliate marketing, as they get paid when a customer buys the product linked to.

Last Thoughts On SEO Solutions For Bodybuilding Websites

Running a bodybuilding website is tough work. Like bodybuilding itself, it’s all about practice and preparation. It’s okay if a site doesn’t come together at first, just make sure to implement these tips.

Have any questions or just want to get more traffic? Be sure to contact Site Report Card today.

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