8 Signs Your Law Firm Could Benefit from SEO Outsourcing

seo outsourcing

It should be easy for those who need an attorney to find you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is why. Or rather, the lack of it.

How much time do you spend optimizing your website? Do you know the keywords your clients are using to find you?

Any SEO outsourcing expert will tell you: Improving your website will save you money. It costs 61% less for an inbound lead than an outbound one.

Why would you throw your money away on traditional marketing when you could target your ideal audience for less?

It’s best if you do what you’re qualified to do and leave the experts to do your SEO. Keep reading for the signs it’s time to consider SEO outsourcing.

1. You’re Not yet Doing any SEO Marketing

Having a website for your law firm doesn’t mean you are doing SEO marketing.

If you don’t research and use keywords, you’re not making the most of your website.

A static website that never changes is not going to bring you leads. You need new content on a regular basis to draw customers in.

Having a social media following doesn’t mean you’re doing SEO, either. It just means you’ve got an online audience – but are they even the people you want as clients?

SEO outsourcing will improve your website and generate leads – without you needing to do anything.

2. You’ve Exhausted Traditional Marketing Strategies

Print marketing still works as a lead generator.

But once you’ve blasted your lists with direct mail a few times, you need to turn to SEO marketing.

Your direct mailing lists and email database will be exhausted. These lists also come from existing clients or are purchased.

There are many problems with buying data. The main one is data integrity: how many of these people are actually in the market for a law firm? You could spend thousands of dollars marketing to the wrong audience.

Constant mailing to existing clients won’t help you either. They already know who you are!

SEO outsourcing brings inbound marketing to your law firm. Instead of reaching out to people, warm leads will come to you.

3. You Aren’t Getting any Leads from Your Law Firm Website

You are posting new content every week on your website – so why aren’t you getting any leads?

It’s all about the keyword research and analysis. You need to know what your potential clients are searching for online so that you can optimize your website.

Take Attorney Rand Spear as an example. The law firm posts keyword-rich content created from detailed research. There are long keyword phrases as well as short ones to improve search results.

A vague search for ‘law firm’ brings up thousands of results. A phrase such as ‘injury attorney Philadelphia’ means the user is directly in the regional area and knows exactly what they seek.

As such, Attorney Rand Spear will rank much higher in that search.

4. You Don’t Know How to Find Your Ideal Clients

SEO works when you know who you’re targeting. Are you a local business? Do you work in a specific area of law?

Creating an optimized website is only possible if you know the online behaviour of your ideal client.

Without background research, you won’t know how to create content that ranks highly in your ‘dream client’ searches.

SEO outsourcing provides the expertise you need to identify how your ideal client searches online. This research is used to strengthen the SEO quality of your website.

5. You Don’t Have Control over Your Marketing Spend

If you have an ad-hoc marketing strategy it’s easy to lose sight of your annual spend.

You send a direct mail campaign here, an email there. How do you know what’s giving you the best return on your investment?

Inbound marketing with SEO results in a close rate of 14.6%, compared to direct mail outbound marketing at only 1.7%.

SEO experts will create a strategy for a clear fee. Reports will show how effective the inbound marketing is, too.

You’ll be able to see how your SEO marketing spend converts into real sales.

6. You Don’t Have the Internal Resources to Commit to SEO Training

Your in-house marketing team was hired for a range of skills. SEO marketing, however, is a skill that can take years to develop.

You could send your internal staff on SEO training, but it then takes them away from day-to-day core tasks.

By using SEO outsourcing, you’re guaranteed an expert in SEO marketing without taking any time or resources away from your day-to-day marketing efforts.

There’s no disruption to regular marketing activities. An SEO expert will work behind-the-scenes to improve your website optimization.

7. You Can’t Keep up with Your Competitors

You may have noticed your local competitors have moved to a bigger office. Perhaps their website is always the first that tops Google and yours lags behind.

You know they’re doing better than you and it’s all down to inbound marketing.

You need to have expert competitor research on a regular basis. An initial analysis will determine your SEO first steps. An ongoing analysis will keep you ahead of your competitors.

SEO experts have access to specialist tools for keyword research. You won’t need to invest in these tools. Instead, you’re investing in the competitor analysis expertise of your SEO consultant.

8. You Don’t Have Time to Spend on SEO

SEO marketing is a specialist skill that takes time to learn, research, and implement.

It’s time-consuming.

You’ve not looked into SEO marketing because you’re too busy running your law firm.

Investing in an SEO consultant gives you back your time. You can continue to focus on core business activities while your SEO expert works in the background.

How to Find SEO Outsourcing for Your Law Firm

You’ve seen how SEO will bring clients to your door.

Would you rather:

A) Continue to spend a lot of time and money on outbound marketing to try and drag clients to you,


B) Save money and increase the number of clients who find you, with no effort?

Save yourself the time, training, and stress of learning SEO for yourself.

It’s time to find the best SEO outsourcing for your law firm.