New WordPress Plugins to Expect in 2018

new wordpress plugins

WordPress powers nearly 75 million websites, making it the most popular CMS available today.

Companies and individuals alike love it because it is easy to use and has great customer service.

It also infinitely customizable, which makes it possible for all of the million-plus websites powered by WordPress to look completely different. One of the best ways to customize your WordPress site is through the use of new WordPress plugins.

Plugins make it possible for you to add features to your WordPress site that are specific and tailored to your exact needs. Regardless of what kind of company or service you are running — from a small business to a personal blog — WordPress plugins can take your site to the next level.

Below, we’re reviewing some of the best new WordPress plugins that you should consider for 2018. Installing them could help you attract more visitors to your site over time. Read on!

1. Memberpress

Memberpress is one of the new WordPress plugins that can help you build the high-quality membership website you need to take your business to the next level.

Once installed, Memberpress can be used to create, track, and manage membership subscriptions so you can start charging website visitors for access to your content. Memberpress will also help you sell digital download products.

If you are just starting to explore the monetization of your content — or if you’re looking for a way to make that process easier — Memberpress is a must-have plugin for 2018.

2. JetPack

JetPack is a free WordPress plugin that encompasses more than 30 different features that can be used to improve your site.

Different JetPack modules — such as those for spelling and grammar — can be used to improve your content and writing experience. Others, like the photo features, are designed to improve the experience of the visitor by making it easier for them to view your published pictures.

If you want to target and improve elements of your experience and your visitor’s experience, JetPack is a smart new WordPress plugin to consider.

3. Sumo

If you want to find new and simple ways to share your site and its content, Sumo is the new WordPress plugin you’ve been waiting for.

The plugin includes different ways to incorporate email signup forms to your sites, such as pop-ups or Welcome Mat forms.

In addition to making it easy for visitors to join your email list, Sumo also makes it simple for them to share your content on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

4. Yoast SEO

A blog is one of the most important tools a website can have. It doesn’t matter if you’re posting personal content or if you’re posting on a company blog; well-written content is crucial to attracting visitors.

To truly utilize a blog to its full potential, you want to make sure that it’s optimized for search engine algorithms. An SEO plugin, such as Yoast SEO, makes the process simple.

Installing Yoast SEO can give you the confidence to publish blog posts that will work for you, to improve your site’s SEO ranking.

5. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin that enables you to easily collect contact information from your site’s visitors.

You can create and manage a variety of contact forms for all of the different pages on your site. Once collects, contact information will enable you to follow up with site visitors and provide them with more valuable content catered to their specific needs.

6. WP Super Cache

One of the most important elements of attracting and keeping visitors on your website is the user experience. If you have a poor user experience, not only will you lose potential business, but your SEO ranking will take a hit as well.

Web users are famous for having short attention spans, so one thing that will cause them to leave your website is a slow load time. WP Super Cache speeds up your website, which can lead to more satisfied visitors overall.

7. Content Analytics

If there’s something on your site that’s causing visitors to leave or drop off, you would want to know that. Content Analytics is the new WordPress plugin that can provide you with that information.

This plug tracks how far a visitor gets in a certain page, and then creates a visual representation of that information. It can help you identify areas of your site where you may need to edit or replace content.

You’ll be able to keep people reading longer, and will have a better chance of converting visitors.

8. Typeform

Everything you do on your website — from the content you publish to the graphics you create — should be done with your audience in mind.

Typeform is a plugin that can help you determine who, exactly, your audience is. With Typeform you can create custom surveys for your visitor to fill out so that you can learn more about them.

You’ll be able to embed the surveys directly into your website, and you’ll gain important knowledge that will influence your business practices moving forward.

9. Askimet

If you have a blog element as part of your WordPress site, you’re probably familiar with spam. Spam comments or fake subscribers are an unfortunate part of the Internet today.

Askimet is a plugin that protects your blog from potential spam interactions. It automatically scans anytime a comment is added to your site and can identify which comments are valid and which are not.

10. WP Smush

While content is key to a great website, images are the elements that can take your page to the next level.

WP Smush allows you to optimize all of your image formats, which makes your site load quickly and smoothly and saves you storage space. If you have an especially photo-heavy site — like a lifestyle blog — this plugin could make your space much more user-friendly.

Ready to Browse New WordPress Plugins?

Adding WordPress plugins to your site is a simple way to make it feel truly unique and custom. Most plugins are free and easy to install, so start exploring new WordPress plugins today!

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