7 Key Elements of a Travel Blog

elements of a travel blog

You love to write and want to share your new found love for travel but have no idea how to start. Or maybe you’re a travel agent that is adding a blog to your company website.

We have compiled the 7 key elements of a travel blog to make it a success

Let’s begin your newest adventure!

1) Knowing Why & How to Create a Travel Blog

Some people start a travel blog as a journal of their exploration of the world but there are many other benefits to travel blogging.

More than 50% of marketers responded that blogging was the biggest priory in their content marketing plan. For companies, the key elements of a travel blog are to get the attention of potential clients and keep it.

Two of the easiest and most popular platforms for blogging are Wix and WordPress. You can learn to use WordPress and similar sites like a pro without major expense or frustration.

The right platform to create a versatile and eye-popping blog depends on what you want to include and accomplish.

2) Write For Your Audience

It is good to know your audience and gear your blog to them. While you hope everyone will find and enjoy your blog, there is someone you are specifically trying to reach.

The key elements of a travel blog are to help others gain the passion for travel and take them on your adventure while sitting in front of their phone or laptop screen.

It may be a potential customer, family and friend or other travel enthusiasts, No matter who it is, your need to get them to your blog and give them a reason to come back,

This requires some planning and research. If you want to be successful, it is important to understand how and why to use keywords.

3) Picture This!

The most effective key elements of a travel blog are to transport them into your world.

Using images on your blog can be a colorful and effective way to keep their attention. It’s important to know the copyright restrictions of pictures you find.

Cellphone and camera technology has made it easy for almost anyone to take great photos, It also helps you add a personal touch that draws your audience in

You can create albums of pictures for readers to scroll through or sprinkle them individually throughout your blog. Many have a combination of the two or even create slideshows that present a photo montage to music or with written commentary.

4) You Should Have Been There

At times words are not enough and you wish someone was experiencing it too. Videos are an effective way to help others imagine they are.

Many people are more visual and with the short attention span of our society videos fill a need.

Dynamic videos on blogs can entice a loyal following to develop and expand in numbers.There are action video recorders you can wear for adventures that take both hands and give others a “being there” experience or take them on a video tour to make them wish they were.

Some sites you all original videos while others will embed and borrow them from places like YouTube. Creating your own YouTube channel cab also introduce new readers to your blog and increase your fan base.

5) Don’t Keep Them Waiting

When you finally get people coming back, don’t leave them disappointed there’s nothing new. This is one of the most vital elements of a travel blog.

Your readers want new things to discover and enjoy.

Search engines and website ranking sites pay attention to this as well. If there is nothing new posted in a year you will rank lower than a blog that posts every day.

Even if you are not traveling the world at the moment and your biggest adventure today was to the corner store for milk, you can find ways to connect with your audience.

If you are having writer’s block and lacking inspiration this week, guest posts, writing services, and outsourcing may be viable options. You can always share other blog posts with permission.

There is nothing wrong with putting a spin on past posts. Use your blog to revisit your favorite trip to the villas in Ibiza or create a top ten list of most beautiful sunsets.

6) Know Your Strengths & Numbers

Knowledge is power and is the most crucial of the key elements of a travel blog being successful. You need to know how to gain an audience and what they want.

Research into understanding SEO (search engine optimization), competitors strengths and trends can be the secret to your success.

You can track your blog stats to see where your visitors are finding you. Focusing your energy and content on what works rather than concentrating on strategies and topics that have proven not to.

7) Entertain & Inform

Whether you are backpacking through Europe or discussing the history of the Mayan ruins and tourism, you need to give your reader what they want.

A reader either wants to know something new or be entertained so each blog post should accomplish both.

Links to other blog posts on relevant information or other entertaining media content can keep readers exploring your blog longer and discovering your appeal more with every click.

Including side or drop down menus, search bars and references can help direct your audience where you want them to go. Making your blog user-friendly and interactive will encourage them to enjoy all you have to share.

Your Greatest Adventure

Creating a travel blog is an adventure in itself. Your blog is sure to lead to developing new passions, personal strengths, and exciting dreams. You will make connections you never thought possible and increase business or personal influence in the world around you.

No matter what your reasons for developing a travel blog, reach your goals and make it a success by doing it right.

Have fun, be creative and know that with blogging as with any adventure, the sky’s the limit.

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