5 Design Tips from the Top Plumbing Websites

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Nearly half of all small businesses have almost no web presence at all. If you have a website, this means you’re already ahead of the game.

What makes truly great plumbing websites is different for every company. Your market will determine the kind of site you should have. But there are some basic design principles that you should follow.

If you want to be found easily, make sure you’re making the most of your SEO. Use social media to talk about great products you use or interesting project you’ve done.

If you’re trying to figure out how to decide what can make your website get the traffic you want, check out these 5 sites and follow their lead.

1. Strong Logo

My Plumber has a unique and eye-catching logo. It sits at the top of their page header and stays there as you scroll. If you’re traveling through San Diego and see this logo, it sticks with you.

They use a simple font along with their logo. It has a loose fluidity that emulates pipes without hitting you over the head with it.

The colors of their logo lead the design as each page follows the same pattern. By choosing three strong colors and sticking with them, the brand presence remains strong.

For another example, click Order A Plumber’s website to learn more ways of executing this principle.

2. Unique Icons

Run by a married couple, Missouri’s Kimberling City Plumbing is almost 30 years old. But you wouldn’t know it from the design on their site.

They have some really cool icons that fit with the design of their logo. The icons sit just below the header photo and help customers visualize the service that they’re looking for.

Despite the uniqueness of the design, they reinforce the simplicity of their design while also still giving the visitor information.

3. Immediate Contact

Service Pros out of Tempe, Arizona uses an intuitive design that gets straight to the point. They give visitors the opportunity to contact them directly through their header.

This is great for marketing as it works for repeat customers or for users who know exactly what service they’re expecting.

4. Simple Color

The simple palette used by Tony La Martina Plumbing Company Inc adds class to the style of their website. This allows text to pop out and the visitor’s eyes to be directed where the designer wants them.

Use a few shades of a single color or keep it simple with black and white to maintain this kind of simplicity.

5. Make It Fun

The design of Bob Hamilton Plumbing‘s site is one of those rare plumbing websites that jumps off the screen. They picked a strong magenta color, simple blue to complement, and a couple of fun shapes.

The designer keeps the circular shape consistent throughout without making it look overwhelming. It’s a tough balance but well executed.

More on Plumbing Websites

While adhering to standard design practices, make sure that your plumbing website is something you love to share with people you meet.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to make your plumbing website stand out, feel free to contact us for more tips.

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