The Insider’s Guide To Getting The Most Affordable SEO Services For Your Construction Website

affordable seo services

Search engine optimization should be a vital component of any small business’s marketing plan.

If you’re not familiar with the world of SEO, the topic can feel a bit intimidating though. The costs of hiring a digital marketing or SEO agency are often out of reach for many smaller businesses.

Thankfully, there a number of affordable SEO services and tactics you can take advantage of, and start improving your business’s visibility today.

Keep reading for a closer look at the low-cost SEO services and methods you need to be employing.

Create Killer Content

Content is the fundamental ingredient for all great SEO. Content needs to useful and actionable and not any old content will do.

Google rewards good content more than any other SEO tactic. Creating good content should form the basis of any SEO strategy.

So before you start exploring other affordable SEO services and methods, make sure you’re building a solid base of content.

The great thing about content is that it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can get started today by writing a little of your own or finding a starting writer willing to do a little pro bono or low-cost work to fill a portfolio.

The Best Affordable SEO Services

In addition to pumping out great content, there are a few helpful, affordable SEO services you’ll want to take advantage of.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are some of the most useful and powerful tools out there for analyzing and improving SEO.

Analytics lets you track and analyze visitor behavior on your pages, while Webmaster Tools allows you to analyze how Google handles and serves your site in searches.

And the best part about these tools?

They’re totally free.


MozBar is another super useful, free SEO tool. This tool is a browser plugin that lets you analyze pages on the fly.

You can scope out your competition or analyze and tweak your own pages.

Plug it in and test it out on Pavement Planet.

Build Those Links

Another important component of SEO are links–both inbound and outbound.

Getting links to your website from solid, authoritative domains is just as important as populating your pages with great content.

Citing sources and linking out to other valuable content is another important tactic. Search engines, and visitors, attribute a bit more authority to your content if they can see your drawing information from informative sources.

Don’t Forget About Design

One more way to improve your SEO is with a user and mobile-friendly website design.

A user-friendly design will encourage visitors to hang out on your pages longer–which will help you out with the search engines. Time on site is important.

Google also rewards sites with mobile-friendly designs. And with more and more searches done on mobile devices, your visitors will thank you.

Putting It All Together

SEO isn’t rocket science.

With good content and a commitment to consistently build links and optimize your website, you’ll go far.

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