10 SEO Digital Marketing Strategies for an Adult Website

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Developing an SEO digital marketing strategy for an adult website is no easy task.

Many industry-based websites rely on a cookie cutter approach when it comes to optimizing for high search engine rankings. This approach does not work for adult sites.

While some common SEO tactics work well for them, other tactics are ineffective. Some tactics work but need to be customized to work for the online adult industry.

Let’s take a look at ten SEO digital marketing strategies for adult websites.

10 SEO Digital Marketing Strategies for Adult Websites

These strategies are must-haves for all adult sites. After implementing them, you’ll see an uptick in traffic in no time.

1. Upload Quality Content, And Lots Of It

A common SEO digital marketing strategy is creating quality content. Quality content lends credibility and professionalism to the website.

The same concept applies to adult websites. In order to find and keep users, your site must offer quality content.

The type of content varies according to the type of website you run. For example, writing blog posts about dating a pornstar escort and the like would work for gentlemen’s club websites. If you run a pornographic site, hosting images and videos is a must.

Regardless, keep in mind that you want to cater to a variety of tastes. To address those tastes, you should host a variety of content. A lot of content.

The more content and variety you offer, the more leads you’ll garner.

2. Write A Guest Blog Entry or Two

As stated above, blogging is a great opportunity to include more content and a variety of it.

However, blogging doesn’t work well for every adult site. Let’s take pornographic websites for example. Running a blog on a pornographic site would be a waste of time for numerous reasons. The most prominent reason is your leads’ lack of concern for reading when looking for searching for such a site.

That doesn’t mean that all blogging is a waste of time. Regardless of what kind of adult site you run, there is always room for guest blogging.

Guest blogging entails writing content for other websites. The idea is to help optimize their site while advertising your own. It’s a networking tactic.

To guest blog, you must first find a site willing to host your entry. The best choice is a local adult website.

When you create the blog, be sure to include keywords relevant to the host site. Then include a well-placed link or two back to your website.

3. Utilize Long-Tail Keywords

Most websites get away with optimizing for keywords and short phrases.

Not adult websites. As stated above, most adult site perusers have something specific in mind when they search for adult content. For that reason, you need to target long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases that containing several specific keywords. They help people find exactly what they’re looking for on the Internet.

But implementing keywords, you help yourself stand apart from your competitors and generate more leads.

4. Learn HTML

Part of optimizing entails placing your keywords and phrases everywhere you can on your website.

The most obvious element is your content. Of course, you’ll include keywords in your blog and tags on your videos.

But what about the rest of your site?

All website content can be broken down into coding. The most basic form of coding is HTML. By learning HTML, you can see and understand the values that make your site look the way it does.

That includes the elements on your site, too.

By learning HTML, you can code your photos and videos with alternative text. Alternative text is a great opportunity to include more keywords on your site and optimizes it further.

5. Build Links

One of the ways that search engines rank sites are by evaluating the quality of a given site’s links. Including links to credible, constantly running sites ups your SEO. In contrast, linking to sketchy sites that are always crashing hurts your SEO.

Links are also a networking opportunity. A site to which you’ve linked may notice your link and link back to you as a way of saying, “Thanks.” That link back to your site lends you credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of both leads and search engines.

6. Avoid Nofollow Links

Nofollow links are links that include a piece of code telling certain tracking devices to ignore that link on your website. As a result, search engines don’t take links containing the “nofollow” code into account when ranking.

Nofollow links are a godsend when it comes to disassociating your website from a website with a possible credibility issue.

However, the whole point of linking is to increase your website’s SEO. Including a link you don’t want search engines to read is a pointless move. Avoid poor links and the nofollow code altogether.

7. Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for all website hosts.

Google Analytics tracks the metrics of your site’s visitors. A glance at your site’s metrics lets you know your visitors’ demographics and how they found your website.

By analyzing those metrics, you can determine which parts of your SEO digital marketing strategy are working and which aren’t. From there, you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

8. Make Sure Your Site Speed Is High

Search engines dock sites for having speed problems. If your site is constantly lagging or crashing, you won’t find yourself in Google’s top ten results anytime soon.

Speed is particularly an issue for pornographic sites, which rely on images, videos, and live feeds loading quickly.

Thankfully, there are options besides checking your site every five minutes around the clock. Monitoring services keep tabs on your site 24/7 and send you reports about its activity. They also provide security checks that keep you informed of potential hacks.

9. Research Competition

If you’re still not sure how to optimize your adult website, check out your competitors.

Sites such as PornHub and XVideos are top-ranked adult sites for a reason. Pay them a visit and take note of their strategies. Pay special attention to their keywords and how they implement those keywords.

10. Use Social Media

You may be thinking, “What? Adult sites don’t do social media!”

Think again. PornHub has an official Twitter account while xHamster runs its own Facebook page.

Social media is a cheap, easy way to access a much larger audience. It allows businesses to connect with customers on a more personal level. It also further optimizes businesses’ online presence.

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