Wedding Keywords and SEO Tips for Wedding Professionals

wedding keywords

Wedding keywords tend to target local audiences, and that’s normal. 18 percent of local searches lead to a sale within 24 hours. That’s a lucrative conversion rate. 50 percent of local searches from mobile devices and 34 percent from PCs lead to a business visit within a day.

A lot can happen in 24 hours. That’s why savvy wedding professionals are looking to extract that SEO juice from local search.

Use the SEO and keyword tips you’ll find here to start benefiting from your wedding business. Read on.

Research Your Wedding Keywords

You want to rank for less competitive wedding keywords that have good enough monthly search to earn you a decent number of visitors. Keywords containing phrases like “wedding coordinator” and “event planner” would be good targets.

Research on longtail keywords like the ones below:

  • Affordable wedding planners in [city name]
  • Name of city + professional wedding planners
  • Name of city + event coordinators
  • Name of city + wedding coordinators

Or variants of these keywords. Research on modifications like:

  • Professional wedding planners in [city name]
  • Wedding planners in [city name]
  • Event coordinators in [city name]
  • Wedding coordinators in [city name]

Make a list of longtail wedding keywords. For example, Dubai wedding planners, if your city was Dubai.

Use a keyword tool to research on each of these keywords on your list. You want to focus on your local search or region.

Use Social Media and Videos to Engage

Encourage (even incentivize) your site visitors to share your content on their social media handles. Add social media buttons to your site. AddThis is a free social sharing tool. You can also use Sumo.

Automate your social sharing using Buffer and Hootsuite. These tools enable you to schedule your social media management activities and save you time too. You can pre-schedule your articles to go out as your tweets, Facebook posts, and on other social platforms that you have a presence.

On Hootsuite, you can load up several weeks worth of tweets and set them to go live at any intervals you want. Regular social media updates mean more exposure for your band and business and potentially more clicks to your website too.

Videos are powerful since your business is very visual. Most wedding planning businesses neglect to use videos to rank their websites.

Take advantage of this loophole to begin winning audiences your competitors are ignoring.

Optimize Internal Links and Backlinks

Visitors that stay long on your site are the more likely to convert to clients. The SEO juice from internal linking benefits you from both humans and search engines.

Internal linking proves to increase your site’s total number of page views.

Keep these in mind when doing internal linking:

  • Link deep to blog contents, not just your homepage or other favorite pages on your site.
  • Use anchor texts containing your keywords.
  • Keep it natural.

Be careful though. Don’t use too many internal links per content page.

In search engine optimization, backlinking is vital. Your website will almost never rank for competitive wedding keywords if you don’t have backlinks. But you need the right kind of backlinks.

Most of your links should come from relevant sources, like wedding, bridal or events related sites. Google uses this signal to understand your site and how authoritative it is.

You can get backlinks by reaching out to event venues where you’re a preferred wedding vendor. Ask these places to add backlinks to your site, or you could guest-blog for them to gain backlinks.

Blog More Often and Optimize Your Titles

Blogging is an excellent way for building links, winning traffic and getting search engine favors. Your audience would also spend more time on your site.

Blogging is important, but your headlines carry a lot of weight. Pay attention to the titles of your posts. A few thing to keep in mind when working on your titles:

  • Keep page titles to 60 characters or less
  • Ensure your homepage contains your city’s name
  • Use one title per content page
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Ensure your page titles are relevant and natural

Monitor your keywords over time. Articles could begin ranking for a different keyword than the one you optimized for. Make any necessary adjustments if the new keyword your article ranks for is right for your business.

To Wrap It Up

Research your keywords thoroughly. Blog more often and optimize your titles well.

Engage your audience with video and social media. Build internal links and backlinks that flow naturally.

If you’re wedding professional looking to optimize your wedding site, contact Site Report Card here to get started.