How to Use Local SEO To Promote Your Loan Business

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With so many small businesses still scraping by with no website, it’s no surprise that half of all small businesses lack a digital marketing plan.

For companies trying to get a leading edge in search results, local SEO solutions are a must.

With this approach, you can target customers where they are. You can make an impact in your region rather than compete with national giants. The search engines will reward you by boosting your online presence in local searches.

If you want to get the most out of local SEO solutions for your business, follow these steps:

1. Use Free Tools

Google and Yahoo! offer free tools to get businesses listed in their directories. Having photos of your business, contact information, and directions will allow customers to reach you more easily.

Google My Business is a free directory for companies to connect to all of Google’s apps at once. After registration, Google will send you a postcard in the mail to confirm your address. Enter the pin on the card and you’ll be in their registry.

Yahoo! Local is quite similar. While slightly less popular than Google, it’s still the search default for several browsers. Being on a Yahoo! directory ensure you don’t lose any business to competitors.

Add information about your company on every free channel you can. You never know where your customers are going to be coming from. It’s better to have a presence wherever you can before your competitors take all of the search space available.

2. Add Locally Relevant Content

Writing a series of blog posts allows you to reach the local audience in some really great ways. You can build your expertise in your field and share secrets of the trade.

This will help you to build brand authority.

Brand authority means that, in the minds of your customers, you’re the go-to guide for all of their need in your field. It is the first step to brand loyalty.

If your customers encounter another competing brand, they’ll stand by you as long as you keep appearing in their search results.

Blog about issues that are relevant to your local business. Use terms related to neighborhoods, intersections, and specific landmarks. By using these terms along with your main keywords, you’ll show up in search results that make sense for your company.

Try adding more locally relevant personality to your social media posts. If applicable, make sure you’re taking photos of your product on local sites. When local press mentions you, repost them to show your appreciation.

Check out how Bonsai Dinero prestamos con ansef uses local content to build their brand.

Showing personality, a love for your local region, and expertise will allow customers to build a relationship with your content and social media posts.

3. Get Some Reviews

A good way to improve your rankings is to get some reviews on Google, Amazon, and Yelp. It’s also one of the hardest things to get customers to do unless they really love your work. In that case, you’re sure to get a review.

Even if you’ve got a great track record, you want to have enough good reviews to counteract any bad ones. Make a list of your top 100 clients. Start with the first 25 and find a way to motivate them to write reviews.

Offer special deals, limited product lines, or free items to your clients once their reviews go live. You’re sure to get positive reviews and build a relationship with your customers.

If you don’t get the responses you want from your first 25 top customers, change your approach. Reach other clients and ask them to do the same.

Once you get what you want, ask for them to review you on a different site than the first group. Make your impact as large and wide as you possibly can.

Be sure that you are staggering your reviews as well. Avoid getting flagged by Google and their analytics anti-spam bots. Going from zero to one hundred reviews overnight will get your account flagged for violation of terms of use.

4. Build a Community

There is a scale of one to 100 that determines how search engines rank websites. This will impact your domain authority. One of the biggest factors determining domain authority is how well you’re connected to other sites.

Being connected to other sites mean that your company’s site has clout among other companies. This is one of the more difficult local SEO solutions to implement but has a big impact.

If you’re regularly working with other vendors or supplying them with products, add them to your “Partners” links. Ask them to do the same and you will bring each other’s search results up together. These backlinks will do wonders for your brand authority.

Every vendor that your company works with could help build your local SEO authority, especially if he’s a trusted resource in your region.

If you run a local loan business, figure out what kinds of sports teams you could sponsor. You could get involved with local cycling teams or little league teams, and cross-list each other to get in front of new potential customers.

5. Fix up On-Site SEO

If you have a loan business in Seattle, it should be clear on your website. Along with the contact information, your local SEO solutions should entail listing your city in your site’s meta tags.

You can optimize your site in just a few minutes. All you have to do is sprinkle one or two mentions of your city, and the neighborhoods or regions you serve.

Google is getting smarter every day, though. Be sure that the flow is natural. Overdoing it will throw up some red flags.

Check out our list of on-site SEO hacks for more ways you can access local SEO solutions the DIY way.

Local SEO Solutions Are for Every Business

If you have access to analytics, take a look at where your customer base is located. Use terms relevant to them in your metadata and image tags.

Once you figure out who your local customers are, start reaching out.

If you need help figuring out which local SEO solutions are best for you, contact us! Our team will get your name in the heads of every customer in your region!