8 Ways Financial Companies Benefit From Organic SEO Services

organic seo services

The competition among financial companies operating online is fierce. Standing out in the crowd is essential for landing clients and boosting your financial company.

Figuring out how to stand out in the crowd means choosing the right marketing tactics. You could choose to pay for social media advertisements or paid search results. But with either of these options, you’ll end up spending a ton of money on tactics that may only give you a very small boost in web traffic.

If you want real results and the best return on your investment, you need organic SEO services.

If you’re still thinking about wasting your time on a different marketing tactic, keep reading. We’re breaking down 8 ways that your financial company will benefit from organic SEO over paid search results.

1. You’ll Beat Paid Search Results

When it comes to online marketing, you have two distinct options; paid search results and SEO.

When many business owners launch their websites or decide to start investing in online marketing, they want fast, effective results. They falsely assume that because they can pay to get their website listed among the top results on Google, then they’ll enjoy increased traffic, making paid search results the better option.

But the reality is that even though SEO services take longer to implement, they produce results that you just won’t achieve with paid search results.

That’s because studies have shown that more than 96 percent of all clicks on Google are organic results, rather than paid search results.

2. You’ll Save Money

Choosing organic SEO services over paid search results not only helps financial companies increase traffic compared to paid search results, it’ll also help them save money.

When you buy paid search results, you’ll also have to pay to put content on your website. That way when someone clicks on one of your paid results, they’ll land on your site, enjoy what they see, and maybe make a purchase.

You’ll end up paying for both content services and paid advertising.

But SEO services include content marketing as a part of their strategy. SEO experts create high-quality content, then implement tactics like keyword usage and link building within that content to boost search engine ranking.

You’ll get content for your site, in addition to improved ranking, rather than having to pay for each separately.

3. You’ll Build Brand Awareness

The studies that have shown that organic search results beat out paid results in clicks also show that many web surfers are trained to ignore the results that they know are ads.

Instead, those web surfers are automatically looking for the organic results when they run a search on Google.

Even if they don’t click on your site, if they see it among the top results, they’ll begin to recognize your business. As they run more searches, they’ll continue to see your business, increasing brand awareness.

They may see your paid search results, but if they aren’t paying attention to them, they won’t be building any brand awareness.

4. You’ll Boost Traffic

While you may see a small boost in traffic through paid search results compared to not utilizing any online marketing tactics, that boost is likely to be small.

But when financial companies invest in organic SEO services, they’ll enjoy a much larger boost.

Every second, more than 60,000 searches are run on Google alone. Getting your business into those top results gives you the chance to cash in some of those searches.

5. You Can Target Local Clients

If your financial company doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar location or you are a business like Hard Money Lenders Online, organic SEO services help you cash in on the massive number of web surfers online.

But if you do have a brick-and-mortar location for your financial company, then SEO services become even more important.

When a web surfer runs an online search and finds a local business, 50 percent of those web surfers will then visit that local business within a day.

That can be a huge boost in physical traffic, in addition to your boost in online traffic.

6. You Can Easily Track Success

Organic SEO services may seem complicated, but thanks to the ability to easily track changes in keywords choice or link building, it’s simple to make adjustments and improve your strategies.

You can use keyword ranking tools to find trending keywords to replace ones that fall out of style.

You can use Google Analytics and other traffic tracking tools to judge the increase in traffic that each new SEO strategy provides.

You can also use an audit tool to figure out what areas of your website need improved SEO strategies.

7. You’ll Enjoy Lasting Results

When you pay for a paid search result, you’ll get only short-term results. If you stop paying for that ad, you’ll lose any results that you enjoyed before. Any boost in traffic will come to an abrupt end.

But with organic SEO services, you’re building results that last.

Each piece of content that you create and implement SEO strategies within can stay on your website even when you stop investing in SEO. You’ll still enjoy increased traffic, though it will slow over time as competing financial companies work on their own SEO strategies.

8. You’ll Be Enjoying the Marketing of the Future

As print advertisements fall out of favor and online marketing increases in popularity, investing in organic SEO services help prepare your financial company for the future of marketing.

More than 80 percent of marketers report that they think SEO is becoming more effective as a marketing technique. Of that number, 42 percent think that it is increasing significantly.

Start Utilizing Organic SEO Services

It’s time to stop wasting your time and money on paid search results that don’t deliver.

If you’re ready to start increasing traffic on your financial company’s site, save money, track your success, and more, it’s time to start implementing organic SEO services on your website.

If you aren’t an SEO expert, don’t worry. With a few tools and resources, you can learn SEO tactics that will help your site improve.

Check out these free resources to help you learn how to start implementing SEO on your financial company website today!