5 Attention Grabbing Plumber SEO Strategies

plumber seo

Want to get everyone’s attention with your plumber SEO strategy?

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a key role in digital marketing. When it used right, it can grow your customer base and increase sales.

Basically, it optimizes your online content so that you can dominate search listings. This way, you can give clients the plumbing assistance they need when they need it. SEO is your answer to reaching locals who could benefit from your plumbing expertise!

Read on to learn about the best attention-grabbing SEO strategies you can put to work today:

1. Implement Local SEO

The first way you can grab the attention of your customers is to implement local SEO. Tghis involves optimizing your online content so that your business can appear in local searches.

It could mean, for example, optimizing one page of your website for the phrase, “best plumber in L.A” or “emergency plumber Sydney.” As a result, users who type in these phrases will be more likely to stumble across your website at the top of search listings.

Local SEO is so important because it directly targets people in your local community. This is essential to your marketing as a plumber because your clients are located in a certain radius.

More and more people are using mobile devices to access local information as well. People will type “plumbers near me” into Google on their cell phone during their lunch break, for instance.

By optimizing your web content for local SEO, you’ll grab the attention of local browsers and build a local presence.

2. Optimize Social Media Posts

Social media goes hand in hand with SEO. If you haven’t done it already, create Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles in addition to your personal website.

Make sure that your site also enables users to access your social profiles easily. Website visitors should be able to click your Instagram link from there, and vice versa.

Many business owners don’t realize that they can incorporate SEO into social media posts. Because a lot of users learn about businesses and local products through social media, you’ll want to optimize every post you put up.

A good idea is to build post partners.

Let’s say you write a blog post about identifying a plumbing need. Let’s also say that you optimized that blog post for the keyword “common plumbing problems.”

When you share your new blog post on Facebook, optimize the text preceding the share for the same keyword (“common plumbing problems”). Also, optimize the image text.

You’ll also want to implement local SEO into your social media posts.

3. Create an Attention-Grabbing Blog

Blogs can do a lot for businesses, especially if the content is optimized for search listings. Posting regular and relevant blogs on your website and sharing them on social media will boost your online exposure.

Plus, building SEO into your blog is a sure way to expand your reach through local and global searches.

Brainstorm blog topics that are bound to grab readers’ attention. You can’t go wrong with humor when it comes to attracting customers. You can come up with plenty of puns when it comes to plumbing, luckily!

Also, write posts that are relevant to your community. People will want to know how to recognize a plumbing issue, for example, or what to do in a plumbing emergency.

4. Register Your Business Online in Directories

Your plumber SEO can also go hand in hand with online directories, such as plumber directories, YellowPages, or Yelp. If you haven’t yet done so, list your company on Google My Business.

When you implement SEO, you’ll also be able to encourage online reviews from local customers.

People who have benefited from your plumbing expertise will be able to rate you through Google Reviews or Yelp, and share their comments. As a result, local searches for your services will immediately call up testimonials.

This is veey handy since most consumers rely on online reviews when making purchase decisions.

5. Spend Time Choosing the Right Keywords

At the end of the day, the best plumber SEO strategy is one that uses the right keywords and phrases. The best optimized sites put a lot of time and thought into picking the keywords that will draw the most customers.

Local SEO will involve choosing keywords that are optimized for location, such as “Boise plumber.” General SEO can involve a variety of key phrases, such as “get plumber help” or “plumbing problems.”

Take a step back and put yourself in your customer’s shoes when. If you were in their position, what would you Google?

As you experiment with different phrases, make sure to keep tabs on your rankings and keyword success throughout. A successful marketing strategy is one that constantly checks in with data and modifies accordingly.

Want to check in on how your keywords are doing? You can use a free keyword ranking tool to assess performance. It also may be worth hiring professional SEO services to make sure you’re on top of the plumber SEO game.

Make the Most of Plumber SEO Strategies

People always have plumbing needs, no matter what season it is. But it can still be hard to attract customers, especially if you have a lot of local competition.

The good news is that plumber SEO can increase your online presence and bring you more customers.

Make sure you implement local SEO so that potential clients can find you in local searches.

Optimize your social media and blog posts. Register your business online in directories. Encourage your clients to make use of online reviews so you can further strengthen your digital presence.

The most effective way to make the most of your SEO is to choose the right keywords. Luckily, the pros can help with this one.

Excited to jumpstart your plumber SEO strategy? Check out these SEO resources and tools to ensure it’s a success!