3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Anchor Text for Your Links

choose the right anchor text

Want to make sure you’re picking the anchor text that will directly expand your customer base?

Anchor text refers to the words you click on in any hyperlink. While there are many different types of anchor texts, they form a key aspect of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

The right anchor text can mean more clicks that send more customers to your website.

Learn how to choose the right anchor text in this post so that you can maximize your SEO strategy today.

1. Check Out Your Competition

The first thing to investigate when learning how to choose the right anchor text is who you’re up against.

Keep in mind that anchor texts for your competitors’ websites will vary based off of topic. In general, half of anchor texts on a website will be the brand or URL text itself (like Site Report Card).

A quarter will be topics related to the brand (like keyword ranking tool).

Pay attention to the distribution of this anchor text per website. You’ll want to pay the closest attention to topic anchor texts because these appear most frequently in search listings for Google searches.

But also pay attention to how anchor text is distributed across these sites. You can get super nerdy about this and generate spreadsheets if you wish.

At the end of the day, figure out what the top performing anchor text is. You’ll want to stay within this bubble of high performance and also above the average of your competitors’ anchor text distribution.

2. Build Your Link Building Campaign

After you’ve scoped out the battleground, it’s time to craft your link building campaign and choose the right anchor text.

Mix It Up

A good strategy to keep in mind is to use a different target for your anchor text every single time.

This ensures good content authority because readers won’t even realize they are reading through anchor text. But it also evens out your anchor text distribution.

Bend Your Phrase

If your key phrase is just not paying off in search listings or too tough to implement, break it up.

This is useful for local optimization. For example, instead of “vegan cafe in Atlanta,” choose “vegan cafe” or “Atlanta” as anchor text for some content.

Pull Out the Thesaurus

Synonyms are a great way to craft a variety of topic-related anchor text. “Silverware” is a synonym for “cutlery,” for example, and “bookworm” can replace “reader.”

Notice Your URL

Sometimes choosing the best anchor text means paying attention to the URL you’re linking. Check and see if your keyword or phrase is already in the URL and be careful of over-optimizing.

3. Check In Often

The best way to choose the right anchor text is to think of your link building strategy as an ongoing and flexible thing. You’ll want to check on its performance daily and perform regular site audits.

Don’t be discouraged when your anchor text choices aren’t paying off. Learn more about your customers and vary up your key phrases. A flexible SEO strategy is a powerful SEO strategy.

How to Choose the Right Anchor Text

It’s important to do your research when brainstorming your link building campaign.

Assess your competition and spend some time crafting anchor text that goes above and beyond your competitors. The best anchor text is thought out, diverse, and flexible.

Still unsure about SEO and anchor text? Check out our SEO Resources and Tools for more information.