The Hottest Web Design Trends Going Into 2018

web design trends

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet. The number represents an increase of over 33 million percent in the past 20 years.

For businesses that want to compete and have an advantage in the digital age, it isn’t enough to simply create a site. Standing out and reaching customers requires a blend of best design practices for visual engagement and functionality.

Yesterday’s strategies won’t get you very far. But making use of the latest web design trends will allow your customers to have a better experience with your content.

Happy customers come back for more. Make sure you’re working with the best possible strategy by following these guidelines.


Why is illustration such a powerful design tool? Expert opinions vary but it likely has something to do with crafting a personal experience for users.

With the explosion of free stock photo sites, it often seems impossible to craft a unique image. Add in the common platforms for standard web hosting and design and many businesses look identical to the frequent visitor.

On the other hand, using illustration is visually appealing. It also communicates a new experience to the visitor.

Try blending illustrations in around your site content. The visual experience may surprise you.

The Latest Web Design Trends Use Video

Experts estimate that 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2019. If your website isn’t integrating video yet, it’s time to start.

Without video content, your site stands the chance of being left in the dust. In terms of design, video is great because it’s the type of content that users want and respond to.

In terms of your site performance, video lowers bounce rate and increases time on site.

YouTube and SEO

All of this means increased results in search engine performance. It also means you’ll be more integrated with YouTube.

Many web designers aren’t aware that YouTube is the second most powerful search engine in the world. YouTube processes over 3 billion searches per month.

Vary your content with reviews, tutorials, walkthroughs, demonstrations, informational sessions, interviews, and so on. The more you use video and vary content, the better.


As with video content, animation is making a huge surge as a design trend. Animation can create a customized visitor experience while integrating different content types.

You can combine animation with the site navigation of your pages. You also may want to experiment with menus that are animated.

Using animation presents a unique customized experience. You will be blending the best design tools and creating a website that makes the best use of the tools at every designer’s disposal.

Staying Secure

In many ways, security should be a design priority ahead of visual experience. Like SEO tools and the underlying foundation of your site, security is a competitive differentiator in the digital age.

Unless visitors can trust your site and your content, they will go elsewhere. The increased dependence on cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and more hackers have created many new threats.

2017 saw more cybersecurity disasters than ever. You want to create a safe space for your visitors as well as your internal users.

Use the best tools for cybersecurity. In addition, your content should update your users on the security precautions you take and how they’re protected.

Fonts and Typography as Design

As with stock photography, it’s time to enter a new chapter in terms of typography and fonts. While the number of websites grows and the content floods search engines, there has been a reliance on a standard type font kit for too long.

In order to stand out from the competition, many web designers are taking their design of typography on web pages to a new level. This approach should blend content needs against the visual goals of your site.

The latest trends prefer an organic style of fonts to a machine-based look.

So much of the content on many sites is words. It’s time for your site to look that much better by treating those words as visual information and an opportunity.

A New Foundation

Before you move into the advanced nature of visual design and functionality, it’s important to create a solid foundation. This means using the best SEO resources for creating your site and keeping it fresh.

This also means solid planning in terms of the basic layout of how your page works and interacts with content. The newest design trends encourage designers to make the flow of content nearly intuitive.

Working with Google

You also need content that responds well to search engine needs. Done properly, your site will show up as a navigation tree on Google.

Google webmaster tools state that providing a sitemap with a clear hierarchy of links is the way to be more compliant with their approach.

In addition, the functionality of CSS grid allows designers more control than ever in crafting the layout of their site. Combine these principles and your site will be more visually interesting while responding better to search engines and user needs.

Chatbots and AI

Making use of the new web design trends means using the newest technology. As more and more companies deploy chatbots and AI tools to serve their clients, your web design trends need to work overtime to keep up.

The best designers know that form needs to marry function. Incorporating chatbots and AI into your use of latest web design trends will allow for a better customer experience as well.

Working with the larger goals of your company or client will allow you to achieve their operational needs with the latest web design trends.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

In any business and marketing strategy, it’s important to keep an eye on the competition. Your online and digital presence needs to be unique and functional to be effective.

It’s not enough to stay on top of the latest design trends. You need to make sure your site is interacting with users optimally.

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