Monetizing the Web: How Do Websites Make Money?

how do websites make money

Every bloggers’ dream is to attract a large audience and make money on their blog. While your priority is creating the best content, you know your main goal is to monetize your blog.

Creating content is easy, but the difficult aspects of blogging include gaining followers and monetizing a blog. You may become scared under the pressure, but don’t worry — making money off of your website isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Unfortunately, your website can’t generate revenue immediately. When you devise your content strategy, it becomes time to increase your reach and gain a reliable income.

So, how do websites make money? Here are a few ways your content and your website can provide your income.

Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to make money on your blog is by becoming an affiliate.

How do websites make money with affiliate marketing? This is how it works: you’re provided with a code that your followers use during checkout (usually a sales coupon or another perk such as free shipping).

This code is generated in the company’s system, signifying you introduced the brand to the customer.

Therefore, you receive a commission from that sale. This way, you make money without shipping any products or being an employee of the brand.

Becoming an affiliate sounds difficult. It’s actually easier than you would expect. You can sign up through a source such as Amazon or research brands in your niche that enables affiliate marketing.


Google AdSense makes it easy to monetize your website with ads. You can optimize Google AdSense for your blog and for search results.

How do websites make money with AdSense? Say one of the ads is clicked by a website guest. You receive a commission for the ad being selected.

Google only uses ads that are relevant to your website. So don’t worry about random spam ads appearing on your website.

How much do you earn per click? Depending on the ad, you can earn a dollar, sometimes more. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but the earnings add up.

Native Advertising

This is like AdSense, but the ads aren’t for e-commerce websites. Rather, they’re for other blogs like yours. This advertising is popular because your audience thinks they’re inbound links to other pages on your website.

Like AdSense, you receive a commission when one of your viewers clicks on the ad.

Selling Ad Space

The biggest advertising money-maker is directly selling ad space. With the other advertising methods, you only earn a commission. But when you sell advertising space, you gain 100% of the ad sale.

Finding advertisers is the tricky part. You’ll have to do some work on your part, such as reaching out to profitable businesses in your niche.

A great way to find these profitable businesses is by looking at the advertisers on your competitor’s websites. See how you can entice them to also buy ad space on your website.

You can also offer an advertising application on your website.

Create an Online Course

Do you receive requests to teach an online course? Use that opportunity to charge your followers for your course. This is useful if you’re an expert in a niche subject or skill.

People usually blog on a specific topic. Once you study this topic and gain years of experience, you become an expert. You can easily share your knowledge with those interested in learning.

How do websites make money off of an online course if they’re not in a niche market? Even if you’re not in a niche market, you can host a course on something simple such as blogging or starting a website.

This is a topic people want to learn. If they see you as an influencer, they will be interested in taking your course.

So, how do you create a course? You can purchase software to optimize your course. Or, you can create an easy-to-use platform. This includes a webcam call or a pre-recorded class you send to students.

Write an eBook

If people will read your free content online, chances are they will read the content they have to pay for.

Start writing eBooks. You can write a blog on a topic and then promote how you discuss this topic in-depth in your eBook. Or, you can promote how you discuss different topics in your eBook.

Publishing eBooks is extremely easy. The self-publishing market allows anyone to become a published author. You can conveniently publish your book and sell it on your website.

Selling Merchandise

Do you have a recognizable logo? Are you an online influencer? If so, consider creating merchandise. If you have regular website visitors and followers, they will probably be interested in your merchandise.

The easiest and cheapest products to create are t-shirts. But you can also create unique products such as cups, mugs, blankets, jewelry, and bags,

Since you’re investing in your own merchandise, you keep 100% of the profit. If done correctly, you may earn a lot off of merchandise and you won’t need to rely on advertising.

Create Multiple Websites and Selling Them

There are people who make money creating websites and selling them. They don’t sell them immediately; they work on them until they’re established enough to make a profit.

Chances are, you run multiple websites. Maybe one blog you take seriously, while the other ones you host for fun.

Beef up the hobby blogs, increase their exposure and then sell them. There are additional factors that need to be considered — niche websites don’t sell as well and certain types of websites are more profitable than others.

If your true love is blogging, consider creating different blogs and working on them until they’re popular. Then, sell them. You may make as much as 20 times more than what you were making before.

Who buys them? Well, anyone can buy your website. There are often marketplaces and auctions where you can sell your website.

Now You Know the Answer to: How do Websites Make Money

The internet offers more ways for us to make money.

If you create a great blog with lots of followers, you deserve to make money. Publishing an eBook, optimizing ads, and selling merchandise are great ways for your website to generate revenue.

Are you ready to become a successful online entrepreneur? If you need more help, visit our blog for more advice.