How to Get the Fastest SEO Results for Your Sports Website

fastest seo results

By 2019, the sports industry market is expected to be worth $73.5 billion. This number is directly connected to sports media outlets. Any way you slice it, sports is big business.

Sports enthusiasts not only watch games, they keep up with stats, read recent news about players and buy products. This means countless sports websites are providing information and other resources. It also means serious online competition.

If you have a sports website and are falling behind in search engine rankings, you need to take steps to improve it now.

Some SEO tactics require a waiting period before getting results. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to see more immediate results.

If you’re ready to start attracting more visitors now, keep reading to discover ways to get the fastest SEO results.

Audit Your Site

The first step to achieving better rankings is figuring out the problem areas on your site. Running a site SEO audit will show you where there are major issues.

These problems include:

  • Broken links
  • Error pages
  • Missing tags (alt, header, title)
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Duplicate pages

All these things hurt your website’s performance in search engines. After performing the audit, you’ll need to get to work on fixing all these issues. The faster they’re corrected, the faster you’ll start getting better traffic.

There are a number of good SEO audit tools that will help you get the fastest SEO results.

A Good Linking Strategy

Aside from fixing any broken links on your site after it’s audited, you need to form relevant links from page to page within your site. These are called internal links. You also need good outbound and inbound links to and from outside sources.

When search engines index your website, your internal links act as passages to additional, relevant content. Having these links will increase your chances of higher rankings. Just remember not to go crazy with them, as too many could actually hurt your positioning.

You also need to link out to authoritative sites that give the reader additional, useful information. Linking out to these trusted sites adds value to your own content. Search engines also like this connection to authoritative sites and will reward you with higher rankings.

Getting inbound links from authoritative sites back to yours is also beneficial. If you work with any other companies within the sports industry, ask if they can link back to you. You may also try to get inbound links from local sports associations or gyms.

Optimize for Keywords

Depending on the information you’re delivering or the products you’re selling, each page on your site needs to contain relevant keyword phrases that a person would search for. This increases the chance of your site coming up when someone types these keywords into Google.

Of course, you’ll first need to do some research in order to find what out what these keywords are. In order to best determine this, you need to first know who your audience is. What are their interests and why would they need to visit your website?

You can then conduct some research online using Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and other keyword tools that help you determine which phrases you need on your site for the fastest SEO results.

Start Blogging

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king.” There’s a lot of truth to that.

Fresh content is essential for achieving good placement in search engines. If your site has stale, outdated content, it’s going to sink.

Blogging is now one of the most common ways businesses get more content online. It’s also a great way to get some of the fastest SEO results.

The sports industry provides a great platform for a blog. With everything from the hottest teams to the latest scandals, there’s a wealth of topics to write about. Think of it as your chance to show off what you know about sports.

Blogs also help establish you as an authority in the industry. If people like what you’re writing, they’ll share it on social media. This alone helps with SEO.

Always make sure your content is high-quality and includes links to your products and services. People shouldn’t have to search for your brand. UK NFL shop is a great example of a clear and concise products page.

Remember to add relevant keywords to your blog articles as well.

Responsive Design

Mobile is now on top when it comes to user behavior. More people are searching the internet using their tablets and smartphones than their desktops.

You may be asking what this has to do with getting the fastest SEO results.

If your website isn’t optimized to function on mobile devices, it will take a massive hit in mobile search engine rankings. Your site needs to provide a good user experience in the mobile world as well as desktop.

This mobile optimization is called responsive design and you can’t afford to neglect it. If you do, you’re missing out on countless visitors.

If you need to have your site optimized for responsive design, talk to a web developer right way. It’s worth the cost in the long-run.

A Good Social Media Presence

Having a good social media presence is a great way to both improve search engine rankings and connect with your audience.

Social media profiles like Facebook now rank in search engines. In fact, for many searches, they come up at the top.

The great thing here is that social media also gives users a more personal sense of who you are. It also allows people to interact with your organization.

Earlier we talked about blogging. Well, once you start creating great blog posts, put them out on social media and let the sharing begin. Remember to always provide links back to your site to help increase traffic.

Getting the Fastest SEO Results Depends on You

Seeing higher search engine rankings depends heavily on implementing all of the techniques discussed above. The quicker you get to work, the quicker your sports website will be in front of more eyes.

However, these tactics need to be done well instead of fast. Make a priority list and start addressing each issue one at a time.

If you need help getting the best search engine placement for your site, have a look at our SEO resources today.