5 SEO Tips For Your Police Investigation Website

police investigation

The terms “search engine optimization” and “police investigation” might not seem related to you. Not until you try to bring traffic to your investigation website, that is.

SEO has had a marked impact on the way businesses present themselves online.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at five great SEO tips for improving your site, generating traffic, and giving value back to your visitors.

Get Those Keywords Right

The first step in any SEO plan is figuring out which keywords to use.

Research them using adword tracking services to generate terms associated with “police investigation”. Pick out a few popular ones, and some that look good but aren’t as popular. You’ll stay competitive while still being relevant.

You also need just the right amount of keyword density. Use keywords sparingly in your copy – two per every five-hundred words, and that’s it. Too many will look like spam to a reader, encouraging them to click away.

Create Better Content

People visit websites hoping to get something: your content.

Make sure what you’re posting is worth the visit:

  • If you post blogs, update them regularly
  • Make your content “evergreen” – something that won’t expire with time
  • Make it shareable – if people can share your content, it’ll get around
  • Be focused – save the inspirational posts, book reviews, and personal updates for your own blog

Link Internally

Internal links connect part of your website to another, and they can include your blog as well.

Why do you need them?

They make your content more useful. If a user can click a link from your blog and go to a relevant product on your page, they stay on your site longer. You can see this kind of design at play on the site for T. T. Williams, Jr., Investigations, Inc. Police Misconduct.

These links also make your site more attractive to search engines. Google rewards user-friendly sites with higher rankings, allowing more people to find you.

Get Linked Externally

One of the biggest “gets” for a site’s SEO is external links.

Google places a lot of weight on how many sites link to your site from other places on the web. The more you can get, the better.

Keep in mind though, that those sites have their own rankings too. An external link from an amazing website counts more than five from the bottom of the barrel. Always opt for quality over quantity.

Improve Your Load Times By Any Means Necessary

Nobody likes a slow or clunky website.

Remove the clutter. Anything slowing your site down should go. Music players, movie players, and flash graphics, while fun, aren’t worth losing traffic over.

Optimize your database so your site searches faster and people can find what they’re looking for.

If you’ve already started your SEO process, strip down your tracking codes to only the bare necessities. While analytics can help fine-tune your site, additional code running in the background will slow you down.

If you don’t need it, throw it out!

SEO: Put Your Police Investigation On The Map

It doesn’t matter if your site investigates police misconduct or sells used Pokemon cards. If you aren’t ranking high enough, your traffic will suffer.

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