7 Best SEO Software Tools

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SEO is a $65 billion industry. But you know that without the right tools you can’t compete for that top search ranking.

The choices in SEO software can be daunting. You want this feature over here but this tool is more comprehensive.

You’d get them all if you could but that’s often hard to justify in your marketing budget. Often the best thing to do is explore your options and try the best ones out to see which one works well for you.

Let’s take a look at 7 SEO tools of this year that you need to check out!

1) SEMrush

SEMrush SEO software is a market leader for a reason. It helps you do everything:

  • Website audit
  • Social media monitoring
  • Rank tracking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Link-building

SEMrush makes it easy to spy on the competition to seek out their weaknesses and exploit them. You can build a better strategy with SEMrush.

While you might find other tools have a single better feature, many SEO experts turn to SEMrush for its comprehensive nature. Instead of turning to — and paying for — 10-15 different tools, they most of what they’re looking for in SEMrush.

Prices start at just $30 a month for basic but generous features.

2) Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog helps you get the big picture of your website by collecting and displaying the little details that matter.

Do you have metas that are too long or duplicate? It will find them.

Are you missing H1 tags on certain pages? It will show you where.

Do you have broken links, redirects or low word counts? You don’t have to hunt for them anymore.

It will lay some of the most important components out in a spreadsheet format and make recommendations. All you have to do is check through it and update your site instead of wading through each page of code.

The best thing is that it’s free for smaller websites. There’s no reason not to try it.

3) SpyFu

SpyFu works off the premise that it’s silly to re-create the wheel. Use this tool to take an in-depth look into what your SERPS competition’s doing to earn those top spots.

Analyze. Adapt. And do it better. SpyFu includes a whole suite of SEO software tools to help you optimize everything from your PPC to content to SEO.

It’s for people who do it all — web design, advertising, sales, and marketing.

Spyfu is an expert tool that some newer SEOs find confusing. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate it’s power.

Prices start at $33 a month.

4) AhRefs

Similar to Spyfu, Ahrefs gives you an in-depth look at your competitors. It’s web crawling capabilities are pretty phenomenal, although we should note that no one tool can crawl the whole Internet.

The Google search engine probably comes closest.

Ahrefs includes comprehensive domain monitoring and an exceptional keyword research tool. It also has some management tools but is a little lacking in this area.

Its strength is definitely in analytics rather than execution. See your competitor’s domain authority and complete link profile. Extract their content to research their strategies.

See which pages drive the most traffic to their website. Find out which keywords they’re ranking for.

Get it all in easy to read reports.

It starts at $82 a month.

5) Hootsuite

Hootsuite helps you automate and more effectively manage your content creation and curation processes.

See what’s popular for various hashtags on Twitter. Collect content to share on social media to increase engagement and following.

Get endless new topic ideas for the content that will be added to your site to:

Especially in the early stages of SEO, this social media and website activity is crucial to helping you build your website authority.

Schedule out your posts 3 or more months in advance. Track mentions, activity, and sentiment to improve creation and curation strategies.

Delegate tasks to other users with paid accounts.

You can get started with Hootsuite for free to get limited but fantastic features. Then sign up for a paid account starting at just $19/mo.

6) Moz Pro

Moz is still a leader in the SEO software space. Devotees know they can depend on Moz to constantly innovate and adapt to provide tools that SEOs need.

Get started with the completely indispensable and 100% free Chrome extension. With it, for every site you visit you’ll have instant access to need to know information like:

  • DA
  • PA
  • Links
  • Tags
  • Country of Origen

That’s only the beginning.

Moz Pro offers a full range of SEO software you need like a very effective keyword research tool, web crawling and one of the most extensive link profile analytics tools on the market.

This is just one of the select tools that leading marketing companies like Augusta SEO Bridgewell Marketing use to get their astonishing results.

It starts at just $79/mo

7) Google Analytics

Here at Site Report Card, we like free, especially when the free SEO software has as much to offer as Google’s own analytics program.

The advanced features allow you to track visitor behavior throughout your website.

Set up goals for the sales team around their various sales funnels to help them, and you, see where people drop out of the funnel and off the website.

Target these drop off points to improve user experience and, in turn, lower your bounce rate and improve your rankings.

Further track where your traffic’s coming from and where the highest quality traffic comes from based on your set goals.

Now, use this goldmine of information to further optimize your content creation, distribution and SEO strategies.

SEO Software & More

The world of SEO is complex. But with the right SEO tools, you can conquer it. Check out SEMrush’s comprehensive features. Spy on your competition with tools like Spyfu and Ahrefs.

Seek out and fix website issues with Screaming Frog. Keep building out your indexable pages with content creation ideas and social media management through Hootsuite.

And don’t ignore the more advanced capabilities of the free stuff like Google Analytics.

Check out the useful tools you’ll find right here on Site Report Card. Start with our free SEO audit.