7 Affordable SEO Tips for Rapid Drug Test Businesses

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For a rapid drug testing business, it’s necessary to find affordable SEO options that fit within your marketing budget.

When people are looking for a drug testing business, they’re going to do a local search on Google.

About 76% of those local searches turn into phone calls.

If that’s not enough of a reason, know that 75% of searches don’t go past the first page.

If you’re looking for SEO tips that fit within your budget, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for the 7 affordable SEO tips that won’t bust your marketing budget.

1. Start with a Site Audit

Are you just getting started in the world of SEO? Then you’re going to want to know exactly where your website stands against your competitors.

A good SEO audit goes beyond just searching for your site in search results. SEO audits also look at your entire website structure to see how it’s optimized.

The things you want to look for in your audit are the number of backlinks you have, the domain authority of those backlinks, and the title and meta tags for each page. You want to be sure that each page is optimized for a particular keyword.

To start your audit, use this SEO audit tool to see where your site currently stands.

You’ll then want search for your site using SEMRush. This tool will give you the top organic keywords you’re currently ranking for and what your competition is ranking for. Be sure to write down or note in a spreadsheet whether it’s increasing or decreasing.

Now you can search for your drug testing business and location in Google and Bing. Jot down where your website appears.

Keep these notes handy, because you will be referring to them again when you check your progress.

2. Localize Listings

This is probably the easiest and most affordable SEO tip.

Go to Google, Bing, and Yahoo and claim your business listings. Make sure they’re completely filled out and the name, address and phone numbers are correct.

The basic information must match what’s on your website, or else search engines will get confused.

3. Have a Blog

Content is the lifeblood of a good SEO campaign. Every week, you should have at least one blog post to publish. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation, but it does have to provide value.

If you’re wondering what you’re going to write about as a rapid drug testing site, here are a few ideas:

  • Why rapid drug testing?
  • Can I drug test employees?
  • Legalities around drug testing
  • Community events & company involvement

For more ideas, think from your client’s perspective. Ask yourself what would be useful to them and write about it.

It will take a while to start to see results. Studies have shown that websites that have between 21 and 54 blog posts see traffic rise by about 30%.

4. Maintain Social Media

Your social media presence runs in tandem with blog posts. Social media is a great way to publish and distribute your content, but it also helps with SEO.

Your content on social media can increase the number of backlinks, increase your following.

When you have content that adds value and is shared often, Google will see that as a signal that it should be towards the top of search results.

5. Write Guest Posts and Get Backlinks

One critical factor to boost your search results is backlinks.

Before you rush out to get backlinks from any source possible, you need to know a couple of things.

Google focuses on quality backlinks. To get this affordable SEO solution to work,

How do you go about getting quality backlinks? Write guest posts for high-quality websites.

One way to do that is to find well-known blogs about Human Resources and offer to write about drug testing policies and procedures.

6. Be Patient and Committed to Results

Affordable SEO doesn’t mean set it and forget it. You can’t do it for a few weeks, decide that it doesn’t work, and move on to something else. It requires commitment, consistency, and patience.

SEO is an ongoing marketing tactic that can help your business when it’s done well, and done consistently. That means posting on social media a few times a week, blogging at least once a week, at the very least.

You may not see results immediately, but with patience and practice, they will come.

The online world changes every day. Google changes its algorithm, your company can get new reviews that could impact your rankings, you get a new backlink. All of those things can impact your rankings.

For example, if you look at Rapid Detect INC, you’ll see that they have positive reviews to boost social proof of their rapid drug testing product.

The phrase “trust the process” comes to mind when doing SEO. You have to remain committed to getting results and taking the actions that will see them through, even if you don’t feel like it.

7. Outsource SEO

You might think that it’s crazy to have a tip to hire an SEO company in an article about affordable SEO tips.

Well, let’s look at the math for a moment. How much time would you spend on SEO, including keyword research, blog posts, getting your listings right, and read up on the latest SEO updates?

That time adds up. Now ask yourself what your time is worth. What else can you do with that amount of time?

When you look at it from that perspective, it may make more sense to outsource SEO, but that doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to do it.

For example, there are SEO firms that cater to small businesses and have packages that fit every budget. If you still want to keep certain things in-house, you can opt to outsource different aspects of SEO, such as outsource blog writing, guest posts or backlink building.

The key to finding the right SEO firm for you is to find one with several years of experience and excellent reviews and referrals.

Affordable SEO Option for Your Business

Whether you outsource your SEO or prefer to keep things in-house, there are many ways you can boost your rapid drug testing site’s search rankings.

If you choose to keep things in-house, you’re going to want to start with the best tools and resources at your disposal.

SiteReportCard.com has the tools to help you audit your site, get backlinks,

Check out our SEO resources today!