How to Write Alluring Meta Descriptions

write alluring meta descriptions

Plenty of small businesses are paying anywhere from $500 to $5,000 a month for SEO services. Depending on the age of your business and your overall revenue, this could be a significant investment for your company. This is all the more reason to write alluring meta descriptions on your own.

Digital marketing strategies can be pricey, so any elements of improving your SEO that you can handle in-house will eliminate unnecessary costs. Bringing in a digital marketing professional to improve an SEO strategy that’s already in place will yield a higher return than having someone build from scratch.

If you want to see your headlines get the clicks they deserve, follow these 5 tips to write alluring meta descriptions for everything you post.

1. Never Skip Them

Meta descriptions are often considered secondary to the content of your page and other SEO elements and so are left to last. But if you post a page or a blog without a meta description, you’re not likely to go back and add one later.

But they hold a lot of weight when your pages appear in search results. You can signal that your page has the right kind of content that your visitors need. They’re not time-consuming enough to put to the side.

2. Keep It Simple

Don’t just list your keywords over and over or add the same description to every page. Search engines will flag these kinds of entries as spam and penalize your site.

Find a simple way to ask the reader a question or draw them in. Expand on your headline and give a little taste of what readers can expect from your page. It should be one engaging sentence that can encourage readers to find out more.

Check out some more tips for keeping it simple from EraserFarm, a Tampa marketing agency.

3. Don’t Overdo It

If you leave your meta descriptions empty, search engines will just grab words from the body of your text. Once it finds text, it’ll cut off around 150-160 characters. This could cause your pages to end up with bizarre and unhelpful meta descriptions.

Write a concise description around 150 characters and include it in your page’s meta description. Keep it descriptive without having anything cut off.

4. Use Your Keywords

Find a natural way to employ your keywords in your meta descriptions but don’t be spammy about it. Google and other search engines now have complex enough web crawlers to recognize phrasing and know when you’re using and when you’re abusing keywords.

If your phrases match user searches exactly, search engines will make the phrases in your meta description bold and catch readers’ eyes.

5. Be Unique

Don’t just copy and paste the same description for every page on the website. Not only does this seem lazy to viewers and people who search for your services, but it also leaves you up for penalties.

Duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines and posting similar pages will lead to lower SEO rankings.

Write Alluring Meta Descriptions To Catch The Eye

Catching your viewers’ attention is the aim of your meta descriptions. You don’t have to give away the shop but you should also avoid being too obscure. Follow your analytics to see what’s working and build your strategy around your successes.

If you’re ready to improve your meta descriptions, contact us today to start multiplying your traffic rate.