10 Ways Car Accident Lawyers Can Build Credibility With Their Website

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More law firms closed in 2017 than any year prior (except the 2008-2009 recession fiasco). Between increased competition and talent sniping, running a law firm carries some steep risks.

Many law firms have devoted more of their marketing to the hyper-competitive online world. As well they should say those in the know.

The online marketplace contains its own share of pitfalls and perils. The leading issue for car accident lawyers looking to start out online is credibility. Establishing credibility makes or breaks many businesses entering online spaces.

When you understand the necessity for it, you will need ways you can get to that crucial credibility. It may well be the ingredient that keeps a firm going.

Car Accident Lawyers

Sadly, credibility establishment gets more difficult for some professions than others. Car accident lawyers, in particular, must fight against a perception of opportunism and bottom feeding.

To make online marketing successful, it is important to be as grounded as possible within the community you serve. Check out these tips for boosting credibility and setting a standard for excellence for yourself and your clients.

1. Personality in Brand

Showing that real people run the show at a business makes the foothold for other practices. Client’s balk at being treated in a by-the-numbers assembly line and want a personal connection. The more the brand of the website reflects the personalities of the car accident lawyers and staff, the better.

2. Videos That Connect

Professional videos show a level of sophistication and success. Amateur videos create a sense of unease and distrust. However, a polished video full of buzz words and corporate speak will turn off clients.

The right balance will reinforce the personality of the brand. Videos also provide more of a connection that writing and still images because people can feel they gain a sense of a person.

A few well-placed videos on a site intruding the team and staff will do wonders for credibility.

3. Third-Party Awards

Prominently display any third-party sourced awards you obtain. These stamps from industry regulators, trade organizations, and local chambers of commerce establish credibility by offering the approval of impartial reviewers.

Third-party awards also give a sense of the longevity of a company. A company that has had enough time to be reviewed by various outside sources is a firm that will stick around. This combats one of the primary criticisms faced by car accident lawyers, that they opportunists.

4. Trust Certified Seals

Displaying a seal showing that your site has been certified by a digital security firm or software alleviates fears that the site may be fraudulent or cause problems.

A prominently displayed certified trust seal lets clients know that your site is not only legitimate but that you are secure about your own information. A car accident lawyer that can’t be trusted to protect their own identity is hardly going to be trusted to keep client data.

5. Clean Design

Along the same lines as trust seals, a clean design for the website adds to credibility by removing fears fo data loss or misuse. A website offering a service such as a law firm should not have pop-ups and running tickers of banner ads.

These turn off visitors, not only because they are distracting, but because a service site should be making money through the service provided, not page traffic.

6. On-Site Customer Reviews

Testimonials and client reviews give a needed personal touch. Not only do these sing the praises of your firm’s success, but they show dedication to the community.

Providing testimonials and reviews (even the negative ones) provides a sense of transparency and makes a significant contribution to your credibility. Check out this well-designed page from the Brown Law group and its clear testimonials.

7. Community Indicators

Listing contributions to the community and what local organizations your firm works with helps to show that you are part of the community you serve. This has a double impact for car accident lawyers because it also gives a place for the community to see what you provide outside of the office.

The next several items should be built with an eye towards how it strengthens these community ties. Don’t oversell yourself, but let people know you do work in the area.

8. Keep a Blog

Updating a blog provides a few benefits for your credibility. It demonstrates that the site is active and updates with some frequency. It also gives you a great way to show your professional expertise by giving takes on issues within your field.

Be careful to moderate the comments section to keep things on track, if you have a comments section. Frequent updates help show that your business is still there, but it is also a great secondary way to drive traffic and increase your brand awareness.

9. Solid Offline Reputation

Don’t be afraid to sing your accomplishments and show that you have a solid reputation offline as well. This gives indicators that you function in the real world. Car accident lawyers that don’t spend time in the courtroom or winning cases won’t get very far.

Letting people know that you are effective at your job, by providing some evidence of that work helps to show that you are in business to be in business, not just window-dressing.

10. Staff Bios and Photos

Finally, providing a section of the sit to show some casual personal information for the staff and team provides a personal connection. People identify with other people so let the public get to know you a bit.

Keep an eye towards highlighting your team’s activities in the wider community. Get professional photos, but don’t fall into the trap of looking like stock images.

Keep Going

Knowing everything that will help keep your firm alive online and promote your website to the top of the listings can be difficult. Do your homework and find more tips like this from a solid SEO site.

Don’t let your business stay in the 20th century, get moving into the 21st with a polished website and a lasting online presence. Get a report on how your website fares with a site report card. Increasingly, your digital footprint is every bit as important as the office space.