10 Automotive Dealer SEO Tips and Tricks

automotive seo

Car buyers spend an average of 12 hours searching for vehicles on the internet, making it the most popular medium for automobile research. That means your website is the most powerful tool to drive traffic to your location.

Tired of staring at an empty showroom? Put the pedal to the medal and invest in successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In order to dominate automotive SEO, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to drive customers to your website and into your showroom!

1. Drive Traffic with Keywords

Keywords are the secret to your website’s success. Successful automotive SEO is dependent on the keywords chosen and correct implementation on your website.

Choose keywords that pertain to your business. For example, if you mainly deal with truck service, use popular manufacturers and phrases like “truck service in ____” with your location and other area-specific content throughout your website.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner can help you create, track, and maintain the keywords that are best for your business.

2. Improve Your Site’s Performance with Meta Descriptions

Many people see the word “meta” and think of a hacker in a hoodie, typing furiously in a van. Don’t worry, there will be no hacking required!

It’s surprisingly simple to add helpful code to web pages and images. If you are the sole website editor, log into your website and open the back-end of any page. There will be various areas where you can add special tags, keywords, and phrases.

Meta descriptions should be added to:

  • Title Tags
  • Description Tags
  • Keyword Tags

Confused? Reach out to your website developer to discuss the most efficient way to add meta tags!

3. Research and Respond to Similar Blogs and Content

Your business is not an island. Just the opposite, in fact.

Explore what other businesses in your industry are doing. Gather future ideas, check out your competitor’s sites to see what you do and what you don’t like, and respond to blogs.

When you research, read, and respond to blogs under your dealership’s name, you are positioning yourself as a voice of authority. Become a leader in automotive SEO and share your insights as a professional.

4. Creative Content Marketing

Treat your website as a resource. Your site should be a space where current and prospective customers can find helpful information about cars, service, and support.

A great example of a website that uses content to inform and engage is Garage Buildings. Their website uses a clean, efficient design to highlight areas of interest and information. The content is well-written and does what it’s meant to do, which is inform the consumers.

Successful content marketing serves dual purposes; it informs and answers an inquiry, and it also serves as a beacon for Google. Monetizing your website with quality content is also a tried and true method.

Google’s main purpose is to find the best choice for users. When your website has continuous, original content, it tells Google that you are a reputable, helpful resource for customers, thus pushing your website higher in the rankings.

Talk about a win, win!

5. Be Active on Google

Google is by far the most active search engine site in the world.

Create or claim your Google My Business page for your dealership and manage the information and photos that show up on Google.

With Google My Business you have the ability to manage and respond to reviews, add new imagery, update hours and information, and post on Google’s social platform, G+.

6. Make Sure You’re Mobile

The majority of website traffic and purchases occur on mobile devices. In fact, mobile commerce makes up 30 percent of e-commerce in the United States.

A website will not automatically fit to a mobile screen. Responsive web design should be used to ensure that your website fits seamlessly to the device it’s being accessed with.

Is your website mobile friendly? Test your mobile site’s speed and performance with Google’s intuitive tool.

7. Keep An Eye on Your Analytics

Your website gathers information about traffic, clicks, and so much more. Are you keeping an eye on these analytics?

If you or your web company are not tracking analytics then you’re missing out on essential information that will benefit your business.

Create an account on Google Analytics today and track website traffic demographics, clicks, bounce rates, and more.

8. Ask for Reviews

Reviews are an integral part of your business for web purposes and for your customers. Positive reviews encourage users to trust your business and delve deeper into your services.

Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. Following service, have your employees get in the habit of asking customers to share their experience on Google. Google rewards positive reviews, pushing your listing to the top.

9. Keep it Social

Social media is an excellent way to connect with your customers and put a face to your name. Facebook and Instagram are especially effective tools for successful branding.

Show your customers a more personal side to your business by sharing photos, videos, and happy experiences. Building an active social account will often show up in Google listings as well, which is great for you and your customers.

If you haven’t created a business page for your dealership, create one and begin crafting your digital presence. After all, that’s where your customers are!

10. Up-to-Date Directory Listings

How can you expect your customers to find you if they don’t know how to reach you. There are digital services that can help you manage directory listings all over the web.

Do a quick Google search for your business to see how your dealership shows up on popular search engines like Google and Bing. Is your address and phone number correct? Are there unruly, negative reviews?

Manage your listings and ensure that your customers receive accurate information about your business.

Dominating Automotive SEO

Tired of seeing your website on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th page of Google? Rise to the top of the first page with effective automotive SEO.

Find out where your website stands with a free SEO Audit Tool from Site Report Card. Input your URL, keyword, and contact information to receive tips, tricks, and suggestions from leading SEO experts.