The Top Travel Affiliate Programs You Can Use with Your Travel Website

travel affiliate programs

Do you have a steady travel website going? Perhaps you’re a travel blogger with lots of interesting things to say.

You may have started your blog as a hobby. You may have pored over travel SEO tips and tricks to build your following as a personal challenge. Now that you’ve already done the work, why not turn it into a revenue stream?

One great way to monetize your travel blog is through travel affiliate programs. Let’s talk about what these travel affiliate programs are and how you can put them to work for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to put your website to work for you. If your website has a large following there’s almost no reason not to do it. Once you set it up it is basically a passive income stream.

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between you and companies related to your niche. One way is to allow them to post ads on your website. Another way is to make recommendations for their products in your posts. Some companies will send you products or offer you a free stay in their hotel in exchange for a feature on your blog.

Sometimes they pay you a price-per-click. This is often pretty low percentage but if you have a good volume it can be profitable.

In other cases, the company pays a percentage of whatever the customer you sent buys. This setup can be rather lucrative under the right circumstances.

The Best Travel Affiliate Programs

If you are running a successful travel blog and haven’t monetized it, what is holding you back? After all, you’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into building up your little empire. Why not take advantage of it?

There are several companies that offer a generous affiliate program. Let’s look at a few of the best travel affiliate programs out there and what they offer. Choose which ones are best for your particular niche. You want their ads to seem natural and make sense that they’re on your site.


Expedia is already a giant in the travel industry. But even so, they are not stingy when it comes to their affiliate program.

They offer commissions ranging from 10-11.5% depending on how well you perform. Send them more business, they’ll up your reward.

Another nice perk is that you get access to some of the best deals around. As the #1 travel brand, Expedia has negotiated some pretty sweet deals with suppliers. As an affiliate, you can access travel deals that offer a savings of up to 50%!

It’s pretty easy to sign up for Expedia’s program. Simply fill out an application. Once they approve you, they’ll send you the links to get started. is a great site for travel bloggers to affiliate with. They have one of the biggest travel affiliate programs in the industry.

Their commissions are nothing to sneeze at either. They start out at a generous 25%.

The more business you send in a one-month period, the higher commission they will pay. Send them enough confirmed bookings and you can earn an impressive 40% per booking!

Signing up is quick and easy and, again, why not? Your readers have got to stay somewhere when they go on vacation. Why not help them find the perfect place and earn a little something in return?

Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct is another big travel giant that offers a great affiliate program. Their rate is lower at 3%, but you’ll receive it for every booking your referred customer makes.

Plus, they have an excellent cookie policy. That means that you’ll get credit even if the customer books up to a month and a half later.

Once you join the program, watch for their affiliate newsletter. There are always new opportunities to earn bonus commissions rolling around.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a helpful travel review site. Consumers can share opinions about virtually everything connected to travel. You’ll find everything from hotels to airlines to restaurants to attractions.

It can also provide a revenue stream for you as an affiliate. For every booking a customer you refer makes, you can earn up to a 50% commission. Not too shabby!

Once you join you are also eligible for their many incentive programs. You can’t go wrong partnering with Trip Advisor.


Agoda is a huge affiliate program that connects almost 1 million properties worldwide. Through 1 affiliate program you can refer customers to hotels everywhere.

Agoda is an international company that offers their online presence in 38 languages. That includes their promos, app, and website.

The commission you earn varies depending on the number of bookings. They have a tier system that runs from 4-7%.


TRVL, said as an acronym, is a new player for travel bloggers that came out in 2017. The option can be a lucrative source of income for bloggers with large followings.

The idea is to give out the tools that used to be reserved for professional agents. You can set up your own TRVL website and earn around $30-$40 for every hotel booking you make.

The point is to serve travelers looking for an easy way to find what they need. Most folks don’t have time to spend perusing sites for hours to plan their trips.

TRVL gives bloggers the opportunity to help others book their travels. They can earn commissions doing something they love–researching travel!

Get Started!

Pick one of these options and get started today. Even if your blog started out as a hobby, there’s no reason not to make a little money off it.

The great thing is that most readers of travel blogs love to travel. They will always be needing new ideas for places to stay or attractions to see. You can help them build the perfect vacation and earn a little for yourself in the process.

Looking for more information? We have a whole section of our website dedicated to affiliate marketing. Check it out for all the latest tips and tricks!