7 WordPress Trends your Website can use in 2018

Wordpress trends

Are you looking for ways to spice up your WordPress site in 2018?

With over one billion live websites, it might be challenging making yours stand out. If you want your business website to stand out, you must keep up with the latest WordPress trends.

Ready to take your online business to the next level? The New Year is already here, so make sure your WordPress site is up-to-date. Check out these trends for inspiration:

1. Drag and Drop Themes

The drag and drop feature on WordPress allows users to arrange and build customized pages.

Instead of editing the code to customize your site, you take the pre-made widgets and drop them wherever you need them.

If you were holding back with your website design, now you don’t have to. This feature is easy to use and will save you time when building your design.

When you go to the page builder, you can drag and drop the pre-made widgets into the blocks you choose.

With the creativity and flexibility of this WordPress design, anyone can create pages that will wow visitors.

2. Video Headers for WordPress

It is no secret that video content has dominated the web in the last few years. Video headers are one of the top trends in 2018 because of their ability to capture audiences.

If you want to make the most of your WordPress experience, then video headers are the way to go. They will capture visitors’ attention so they stay on your page longer.

With video content, you resort to story-telling rather than showing a whole bunch of facts. Plus, you can help break up the information available to visitors.

There are a few WordPress themes that give you this option such as:

Balzac: This theme is a great option if you want overall video support. You’ll be able to choose from various layouts that make customization a breeze.

Naila: If you’re looking for a single-page video theme, Naila is a great option. You can have the video showcased in the background in a full-screen display.

Inspiro: This theme’s design supports video portfolio. It’s perfect for video producers, editors, and other experts who want to show their work to clients.

3. Push Notifications

You will begin to see more push notifications when you surf the web in 2018. That is because they are becoming more common WordPress trends.

In 2018, more and more websites will be asking if you’d like them to send you notifications.

Push notifications will also present a challenge for web designers because some users find them to be intrusive. They also have to be compatible with the browser and the device.

When used right, this feature can lead to more successful rates than signing up via an email form.

4. Virtual Reality

Many are familiar with the concept of virtual reality, but it’s now making its way into WordPress trends.

Virtual reality allows for an enhanced experience to interact with the technology. However, when we say virtual reality, we think of those heavy helmets we are supposed to place over our heads and enter a virtual world.

What does this mean for WordPress plugins?

Well, WordPress announced that all of their supported sites and blogs will support virtual reality. WordPress sites have over 409 million monthly visitors.

This means you can turn your smartphone into a virtual reality helmet with the Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear.

With the help of plugins, you’ll be able to provide visitors with 360-degree views of whatever you want to show them.

5. Ecommerce

With online shopping being a convenient choice for customers worldwide, it was only a matter of time before web developers figured out how to make all of this possible.

With mobile shopping making up 63 percent of online shopping, it’s important to keep up with the demand.

Now WordPress offers themes that allow for mobile shopping, subscription services, and even a personalized customer experience.

Looking to enhance the online shopping experience? These three plugins will do just that.

Handmade: This theme offers the feature to offer one-click demo importers and many options to customize any online store.

Uncode: It offers pre-made customizable shopping templates and short-cuts to the online store features.

Divi: If you’re looking for the ultimate eCommerce theme, Divi is your best bet. This fully customizable theme can be used on any website in any niche.

6. Custom Everything

The popularity of stock images might go down in 2018. For the new year, WordPress themes will feature customized everything.

Everyone knows video content will make a splash on WordPress, but what does it mean for images?

In 2018, images tailored created for each site will be all the rave. Better built graphics will be used over generic.

Say goodbye to boring fonts.

This year, expect bold typography that will stand out on your website. The typography will be asymmetrical and untraditional, giving websites a bit of an edge.

Hand-drawn graphics will be in style too.

Aside from edgy fonts and custom graphics, users can also expect bold and vibrant colors palettes.

7. Animation

Animations will show up in the more advanced web designs. WordPress is saying goodbye to static visuals in 2018.

This is the way animations will show up:

Logos: Everyone knows a great logo can make a company memorable. Adding animation elements to the logo will make it even more memorable by telling a story.

Loading animations: You know about those pesky loading icons. They’re not fun to watch while you’re trying to get a page loading. However, what if they were animated and a bit more entertaining?

Navigation: Classic navigation menus could be out, and animation menus in. More interactive menus could make the experience a lot more fun.

Ready for the Latest WordPress Trends?

WordPress trends in 2018 will be bold and innovative. The graphics will be customized, incorporate virtual reality, and more eCommerce themes.

If you enjoyed these WordPress tips and would like to learn more about the latest trends, visit our blog!