5 Ways to Integrate Traditional Marketing with SEO

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Is traditional marketing dead?

You know that it isn’t just by watching TV or seeing large billboards when you commute or go for a drive. A better question would be: is there a way to integrate traditional means of marketing with digital marketing or SEO?

After all, successful marketing isn’t about championing a specific channel over the others.

It’s the ability to optimize various forms of media to get the best results. Here, we’ll take a look at the top five ways you can mix traditional marketing with your SEO campaign.

1. Combine Email with Direct Marketing For Your SEO Campaign

In a previous post, we talked about tips any website can use to boost traffic. We mentioned that when people visit your site, you should have a way to capture email addresses so you can build your email list.

Now, the promotional content you send out to your subscribers digitally can also be sent out traditionally. This is where direct marketing comes in. Direct marketing, as you know, includes fliers, postcards, letters, and so on.

By combining email with direct marketing, you can extend your reach even further.

2. Promote Local Events Online

This is probably the easiest way to mix traditional with digital marketing. If your business conducts events, it should be second nature for you to promote them on social media.

But we’re not just talking about posting on Facebook or tweeting about an upcoming event every five minutes. There are many ways to harness the power of social media to promote an event.

And even after an event has passed, you can still use several things from it for an SEO campaign. Use previous events to do testimonial videos or a highlight reel that you can put on your blog or website.

3. Go from Online to Foot Traffic

Let’s say your company specializes in heat transfers. And you have an ongoing SEO campaign that is driving new visitors to your website.

Now, some of these visitors may not be 100% comfortable with transacting online. And that’s okay if you have a physical store. You can direct these people to your shop.

Additionally, you can have online campaigns specifically for these customers. Offer them a voucher or mobile barcode, which they can use when they buy something in-store.

4. Put Your Social Channels on Print Collateral Materials

Are you still keeping your print collateral materials and online marketing ads separate?

If you are, you’re wasting prime space for promoting your website and other online assets.

If you regularly print business cards, flyers, brochures, and posters, make sure you put your online channels there. You don’t want to miss out on potential clients or consumers who like to follow brands on social media.

5. Follow Up with Calls

Let’s face it. Cold calls can be annoying. But if you already have a list of contact details you’ve collected through your website, it means these people are not averse to getting a call from your sales team.

So that’s exactly what you should do.

Make sure your sales team reaches out to these would-be customers through email and by phone.

Need Help with Your SEO Campaign?

The tips we mentioned are just some of the ways you can integrate traditional marketing with your online marketing strategy. If you need more help, we suggest you check out our blog, especially the section on SEO tools, tips, and strategies.