Online Casino Promotion: 7 Ways to Boost Traffic

Online Casino Promotion

Digital promotion budgets are ballooning across every industry with the average business now spending $75,000 a year on digital marketing. Getting traffic to your online casino promotion isn’t cheap but with the right tactics, you can take advantage of the latest digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing now relies heavily on search engine optimization strategies. This means that to get traffic, you need to be easily found by search engines and highly ranked by them. With a combination of site design, social media outreach, and creative content, you can reach out to customers in the most competitive situations.

If traffic for your online casino promotion isn’t what you expect it to be, you can make some small changes in your approach to get the boost you need. Try these 7 tactics to get more quality clicks that turn into sales.

1. Use More Visual Content

If you don’t have social media pages connected to your online casino promotion, you need to sign up now. You should have a presence on every major social media site.

There you’ll have the opportunity to share images with text, gifs, and videos related to your promotion. As video is soon to take up an 80% share of all internet traffic, you should be thinking of ways that you can incorporate videos.

Create short clips describing how your promotion works or prize tiers. Give viewers something to get excited about.

2. Create A Blog

Creating a blog is one of the best ways to get high SEO rankings. There’s nothing that search engines love more than websites that create lots of unique content and post it frequently.

A blog gives you the opportunity to share information or tips related to your online casino promotion or other casino-related writing. Post blog entries to your social media and invite friends and followers to like and share. If you generate enough of this kind of content, you’ll build a brand authority.

Over time, search engines will see how often you’re linked to and know that you’ve got something that users are looking for. More casino-related searches will start being aimed in your direction.

Get to know how SEO works and you could unlock a boatload of followers in no time.

3. Facebook Re-marketing

As the number of businesses advertising on Facebook has become more robust, so have the ways that Facebook can target consumers. While some early customers were skeptical as to how strong Facebook’s marketing algorithm was, those naysayers have been silenced.

Facebook now allows you to target any customer who visited your site in the past and turn those one time visitors into repeat visitors. Through a system that integrates your website with your Facebook profile, you’ll be able to capture more high-potential customers.

Using Facebook’s clever tools can ensure that your online casino promotion gets the traffic it deserves on the most popular site on the internet.

4. Email Lists

While some marketers still advise companies to purchase emails, you never know what you’re getting when you buy an email list. Half of them could be spam, contain spelling errors, or run your promotion straight to the junk folder.

What you need to do is to build a quality email list. Offer lots of free promotions and interesting content to people who’ve signed up with your company. See what betting tipsters like these are offering and see if you can offer something similar.

Over time you’ll build trust with them and ensure that you won’t end up in their junk folders.

Use an optimization or analytic tool so you can measure how well your email promotions are performing. Build on each success and critique every failure. Massage your approach to emailing potential customers until you reach that ideal balance that gets people on your list to open your email and click what’s inside.

Trust takes time, especially with email. Be patient and it’ll pay off.

5. Get Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging is a great way to grow multiple audiences at once. In all likelihood, your business caters to different types of people. Find ways to reach out to guest bloggers who each represent one of the specific demographics that represent your customer base.

Trade posts with guest bloggers and ask them to share their advice in exchange for you sharing your knowledge with their audience. Agree to include a certain number of inbound and outbound links in each post. Every time you write, urge your audience to follow both of your sites.

You have the potential to double your audience when you hire a guest blogger.

You could also bring something new to your own blog. Perhaps the subject your guest blogger writes about is a niche that you overlooked. Now you have the potential to unlock whole new revenue streams with your site.

6. Use Hashtags

While it may seem a bit silly to some, hashtags are important for knowing what’s going on in the digital space. For your online casino promotion, you could ride the wave of what’s in the news or what people are talking about online on a given day. By taking part in that conversation, you could end up catching new visitors.

Using hashtags shows that you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world. While you don’t need to link your online casino promotion to all the goings of pop culture, you need to be ready to strike when the iron is hot.

7. Use Lots Of Short Updates

On most social media sites, it’s easier to consume short posts. Often clever images posted with no comment at all do better than longer text-based posts.

Posting frequently shows your customers that you have an active promotion with a lot of energy behind it. With frequent and short updates, you’ll be able to engage your audience in a way that doesn’t eat up too much of their time.

Online Casino Promotion Can Be Simple

Work your promotion in the daily goings-on of your main business. Use a strong landing page that is social media friendly. Track where your clicks are coming from and when you see they’re coming from a particular social media channel, focus your energy there.

If you’re ready to find even more ways to see your traffic skyrocket, contact us for more information today.